Bye To Masterweb Publisher's Mother - Burial is Friday

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Lolo Grace Nnennaya Okereke was born in Amaja Agbo, Akoliufu, Alayi on July 5, 1922 the only daughter and second child of a lovely couple, the Uche Family. She had three brothers – one older and two younger than her. She grew up as one of the most beautiful girls in town, a gift that drew the attention of the King’s (Chief Okereke Aka) family who approached her family for marriage to the King’s first son and successor, Christopher Ukeje Okereke (aka C.U. Okereke). Grace tied the knot with Christopher in 1947. The marriage produced six children – three boys and three girls. Grace was happily married to Christopher until........Read More








*Photo Caption - Late Lolo Grace Nnennaya Okereke

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