BreakingNews 22/6/16 - No ceasefire agreement with Federal Government -Niger Delta Avengers

[ Masterweb Reports: Daniel Adugbo reports ] - The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) yesterday denied agreeing to a cease fire with the federal government. Militants including the Niger Delta Avengers in the oil-producing region were reportedly said to have agreed a one-month ceasefire with the government.
“The NDA high command never remembers having any agreement on ceasefire with the Nigerian government,” the avengers said in a tweet yesterday.

Last week, it said dialogue won’t take place unless independent foreign mediators were involved.

The militants have claimed responsibility for a string of attacks on oil and gas facilities in recent weeks, insisting that a greater share of Nigeria’s oil wealth must go to the Niger Delta region. Attacks by the group have pushed Nigeria’s oil production down to a 30-year low.
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