MasterwebNews 6/6/16: A boiling Southern Cauldron and the insults of The Northern Governors

[ Masterweb Reports: Femi Fani-Kayode reports ] - Last week I wrote an essay titled ‘The Road To Kigali‘ which was widely published. The callous response of the northern governors to the horrendous events in Enugu has compelled me to write this contribution as something of a follow-up.

These are difficult and troubling times and they are times that the truth needs to be spoken more than ever. I appreciate those that publish my contributions in their various columns because, in a country that hates to hear the truth and that finds it difficult to comprehend and grasp reality, that in itself takes courage.

I also appreciate the increasingly large number of Nigerians from all over the world that take the time to read my weekly contributions because without them there would be no point in writing. Now to the matter at hand.
On 30th April 2016 Mr. George Akinola wrote the following words on Facebook.

When the Fulani exploded on the geographic space later christened Nigeria in 1804 they did not negotiate power with the Hausas, they seized it from them on the battlefield.

When the same Fulani appeared in Ilorin in 1823, purportedly to assist Afonja, the Are-ona-kakanfo of Oyo and the ruler of Ilorin, in revolt against his sovereign, Alafin Aole, the Alafin of Oyo, it was to gain his confidence for a while and a vantage position to murder him. Ilorin has been under Fulani rule since then and up until today.
When the British colonised all these empires, kingdoms and fiefdoms in the 19th century, it was not out of love for the black man.

It was an imperialistic push for more land, more territories to exploit minerals and other resources from. If you did not agree by subtle pressure, they simply applied the brute force. To hell with you and all you cared for!

When the Fulani attacked Yorubaland in 1825, they gave all our ancestors notice that they intended to bury the Quran in the sea at the backyard of the Yoruba empire and kingdoms.

Meaning? They will kill, destroy, maim, trample on men, women, children and all that we hold dear to achieve this goal. This was not by negotiation or a bargaining deal.
Blood was on the cards and red was its colour. Thank God for the fierce resistance of the Yoruba, rallying at Ibadan.
If not, maybe we will be doing “ranka dede” for one clown Emir of Ado-Ekiti or another comedian Emir of Abeokuta today.

Power does not give way to persuasion. Power only succumbs to superior power.

Fast forward to 1960. The new nation had just gained independence. But the drums of drunken power was already pulsating with madness in the heart of Ahmadu Bello, the leader of NPC, the party that won the 1959 elections, and which assumed the reins of power to lead Nigeria at independence.

Note that this was the great grandson of Uthman Dan Fodio, the leader of the 1804 Fulani Jihad. He made his intention, and the intention of the Fulani, clear in this now infamous statement: Hear Ahmadu Bello in the Parrot Newspaper of 12th October, 1960:

"The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future".

I am sure you did not read any entreaties of love, affection and camaraderie disposition in that statement. It was harsh, callous, wicked, sadistic, exploitative, intimidating and wholesomely damning.

That is drunken power talking with inspiration from the lunatic fringe.

When he eventually paid for it with his life, his inheritors found a way to re-invent their stranglehold on Nigeria.
They came in through the military and continued, in a more draconian fashion, the bleeding exploitation of Nigeria. What we inherited from the British was “self-governing Regions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”
Now we are forcibly united by an un-feeling centre. What we inherited was a revenue allocation formula that was largely derivative.

Now it is almost ‘allocative’. At a point, Mohammed Buhari reduced the 50% derivation formula to 1%.
These parasites are barracudas and Shylocks of the highest order.

The only language these savages understand is the one that brought them there in the first case: force.

This may be subtle through the use of the instrumentality of guerrilla journalism, protests, occupation, civil resistance, civil disobedience, referendum, United Nations appeal, International coalition of forces, etc.

On the other hand it may boom through the barrel of the gun in a violent uprising or revolt, civil or guerrilla warfare.

Either way, force is force.

The irreducible decimal is that the Yoruba reject enslavement, the appropriation of their resources without their approval and illegal occupation of their God given land with all iota of their soul and with all the power in their being.

Whether for one second or for 200 years the enemy shall not feel comfortable until they leave.  

With reference to how they will leave, however, the choice remains theirs: either on foot, running helter-skelter, on stretchers, in trailers, buses, straddled on horses or loaded in coffins.

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