BreakingNews 9/6/16 - Why NIDO America/USA Executives Were Sacked - Part I

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] -We fully endorse the sacking of NIDO America/USA Executives by the General Assembly as published by the Hon. Chiwuikem Ihediwa (see original post at the bottom of this thread). The action was taken so as to lay a strong foundation for a true pan Nigerian organization with progressive agenda. It also helps to rid the organization of visionless leadership, “a pattern of gross abuse of power; including massive corruption, influence peddling, conspiracy, extortion, false propaganda against the state, nepotism, wanton chicanery, and flagrant violation of NIDO Bylaws.”
Massive Corruption: It is not a secret that NIDO America has been embroiled in massive corruption over the years. For instance, despite receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from various Nigerian and American organizations, NIDO America has failed to account for such funds in line with its 501c non-profit charter. Today, the organization can only boast of less than $1, 600 in its bank account. Yes, $1,600!! Of that amount, $1, 250 was remitted to it this March by Houston NIDO while the remaining amount came from seven BOD members who contributed $50 each to open basic bank account.
Insolvency: It is clear thatNIDO America has become insolvent and thus constantly abdicates its responsibilities. Not surprisingly, the activities of NIDO are limited to occasional virtual conferences because it is broke. It is also not a joking matter, therefore, when one reads that NIDO America/USA does not have a legitimate address anywhere in the United States of America. Its official address is a ramshackle UPS Post office Box disguised as a street address at: 4401-A Connecticut Ave, NW, #359, Washington DC 20008 (Please google the address and see for your self).
Chicanery: Apart from influence peddling and extortion,NIDO America leveraged the numerical strength of the Nigerians in America to acquire lands from the Federal Government of Nigeria with the false pretense that such lands would be developed in line with the Federal Capital Development plan.However, not only were the lands shared among very few executives, these lands remain undeveloped or were sold to fellow Diaspora Nigerians at exorbitant prices.
Conspiracy and Racketeering: The dissolved Executive Committee of NIDO America/USA is on record to have conspired with the agents of the Nigerian Consulate to engage in racketeering through Passport Interventions. Instead of renewal of passports by umbrella Nigerian organizations, NIDO America/USA connives with the agents of the embassy/consulate to perfect passport interventions by their cohorts for selfish individual gains. This long-running scheme is the true reason behind why three consecutive passport interventions (mobile renewal of passports) in the Houston area were cancelled.
In such instances, fellow Nigerians had to travel from far and wide, taking off from work to come to Houston to renew their passports only to be told that the interventions were postponed. Some of them elected to travel to Atlanta where they have to incur an average of $1,000 per person to renew ordinary passport (See NIDO America Houston Face Book:
Dictatorship without power: Per its bylaws, power belongs to the General Assembly of NIDO America. Instead, the organization has been hijacked by a political party in Nigeria as exemplified by its recent announcements. As a result, absolute power was concentrated in a small clique that makes decisions based on political associations, sex, and social creed. In short, before the dissolution, the NIDO Constitution was being flouted with reckless abandon, negating the rights of individual members, local chapters and districts
The above activities utterly violate the NIDO founding principles and ought to be condemned by all. If we in the Diaspora can not lead by example, we must then separate ourselves from any moral audacity to question those in position of power back home in Nigeria.
The leadership of NIDO America, Houston Chapter, therefore, hereby disassociates itself from the sacked Executive Committees of NIDO America and NIDO USA. We also enjoin all Diaspora Nigerians to pledge unflinching support to the interim committee led by the Hon. Chiwuikem Ihediwa. His visionary leadership enjoys broad support and is committed to providing a strategic framework for a true pan Nigerian umbrella organization for our citizens in the Americas.
Members of the Press: Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or supporting data.
Dr. SKC Ogbonnia
NIDO America, Houston Chapter
Phone: 281-802-3449


NIDO America dissolved along with NIDO USA Executives
June 6, 2016
Houston, TX
United States of America

This is to inform the general public that the Executive Committees of NIDO America and NIDO USA are henceforth dissolved. This action became necessary due to a pattern of gross abuse of power; including massive corruption, influence peddling, conspiracy, extortion, false propaganda against the state, nepotism, subterfuge, wanton chicanery, and flagrant violation of NIDO Bylaws.
Accordingly, officers of NIDO America, namely: Attorney Samuel Adewusi (Chairman, NIDO America); Mr. Gabriel Ndubuisi George (Chairman, NIDO USA); Prof. Apollos Nwauwa (General Secretary, NIDO USA), and Patience N. Key (PRO) are summarily relieved of their responsibilities effective May 28, 2016. Any person conducting business with these individuals is doing so at his/her own risk. 
This decision is in line with the NIDO Bylaws and was reached after a careful deliberation by the General Assembly in a meeting held in Houston on May 28, 2016. 

An Interim Executive Committee will run the affairs of NIDO America and NIDO USA until formal elections are held. All local NIDO chapters are not affected by this decision. They are thus advised to continue with their programs and be committed to NIDO objectives and Bylaws.
Stay tuned for details. 

Chiwuikem Ihediwa
for General Assembly
CC: All relevant bodies
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