BreakingNews 12/8/16 - Militancy, Insurgency and Terrorism: Does Nigeria have a case?

[ Masterweb Reports: Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports ] - It is my opinion that Nigeria itself has long become fed up with all these political lotteries championed by some conceited and self-serving opportunists who call themselves worthy and seasoned politicians and in the best parties. They have reduced democracy to a mere lottery box and the masses get poorer for it. And I don't care which party rants more stupidly or  shouts the loudest; the so-called People's Democratic Party or People Deceiving People which rode the military horse into democratic races for over a decade and a half is nothing but a gathering of old and callous men who, in all essence, truly believe that they are beyond salvaging: they themselves. But life-changing decisions start now! The time to check out your fear is now! The time for a new beginning is now! And the time to live is now as well. Now and not tomorrow! But would you listen? Your greed is denser than this world of gross matter? The offshoot of the PDP, APC - All Progressive Congress, or whatever you may choose to call it - seem nonsensical in its bid to feign a new better-than-thou face. Masking in different colors and shades does not in any way alter what is seen of your heart through your eyes. Change is static, and all these redundant diversions are heavily costing us all.

It is disheartening that Nigeria has had, all along, everything which other nations covet  to become  super power, yet have not made it count. We have the resources and we even have basis on which to conform to scientific principles to make our society technologically advanced - to the most modern. Why then has truth been stifled so much that it's given birth to many diversionary truths? At this point, thinking that fear for tomorrow has held politicians back from  doing what is right no longer measures up. Some interests think that they would die of hunger and/or uncertainty if the country is restructured to function effectively for all just as other growing and successful nations are; but these fears are wrong and no longer admissible. At this point, I think that selfishness has, over years of constancy, thoroughly mixed with wickedness to produce callous men who do not give a hoot what happens tomorrow - just as long as they are in charge today and as long as they will not have to be on their own tomorrow. Yet they claim to be consciously and selflessly defending Nigeria’s future. Since those elected have continually fallen short, it is no wonder then that dissension sprouts from all quarters at every turn? The militants stand for a certain rights enabling their people to control their resource, the insurgents who went straight into terrorism started with demands for a certain rights as well, and there are still some who center their demands for a certain rights on the media. One would, looking as through field glasses, wonder while we swim in self-destruction when we can in all assurances cruise in joy. One would also wonder at Nigeria, being the said giant of Africa and a grey-haired old man, acting before the world as a child with growth hormone deficiency, or as a grown imbecile who laughs at his own loss. It's a shame.

Recently, not minding the political and economic interpretative destruction ravaging the system by the Executive-Legislature-Judiciary saga affecting the senate leadership, Dogara and Jubril of APC had to make us feel worse: they even brag before the whole world  about who has the flair to  embezzle with impunity. As if we have not buried our face in shame enough, the fathers of this party even had the impudence  and nonchalance to try to cover up their crimes by attempting to seal up revelations.

I, for one, no longer trust that my future will be protected under the present structure that Nigeria has, and I am confident that my feeling is shared by most Nigerians who, like me, do not have, or may not have realized our powers to compel our reps to effect the needed changes. Maybe, the only thing highly important as food and sustenance to Nigerians now is security. And I believe that, in the absence of strong constituency representations, this can only be fulfilled by utilizing the resolutions of the last National Conference, or the conducting of a truly sovereign national conference. It is easier to say that a sovereign national conference will not help  Nigeria than for politicians, especially the so-called lawmakers, to let go of their death-grip on our future. Just recently, statements credited to groups and/or individuals emanating from the northern part of the country seem to harp vehemently against the much favored restructuring of the country. To these lot I ask: why? When will your folly stop? It has even got worse and more ludicrous with  one Senator Ali Wakili from Bauchi South and one Dr. (Mrs.) Janet Oyubu of Delta State from shouting on top of their voices that restructuring will spell doom for Nigeria.  These two, being APC members, are clearly strategically placed to still serve one purpose. What shallowness! Anyways, I guess that the demerits of such braggadocious stance may never really be reviewed by these political and historical babes themselves until reason wrestles them to the ground with vehemence. For now, it still lies on the southern senators to sit up and act as men who are equal in their so-called hallowed chambers. But until then, maybe, the militants demanding for resource control are standing within their rights, those championing for an Islamic state in Nigeria (without terror, though) within their own rights, and those asking to be excused from the equation of a sovereign Nigeria which includes them also within their own rights to self-determination. If the government thinks otherwise, then the right approach would be to draft mutually agreeable logistics where representatives of all involved will meet as equals to discus the possibility of a continued contract that will adequately cater for the needs and demands of all involved in a future Nigerian state. Until these measures are taken, I sincerely don’t think that anyone would agree with the government that Nigeria has any legitimate case against an impending chaotic implosion.
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