BreakingNews 26/7/16 - Nigeria Cancels Three Billion Naira Kano Film Village

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The Federal Government has cancelled its plan to build a massive film village in Kano State following concerns raised on social media and by Muslim clerics over the immorality the village could spawn.


More than N3 billion ($10m) was budgeted for the project as part of Nigeria’s efforts to improve the Hausa language film industry known as Kannywood and also create jobs. The film village was projected to create over three thousand jobs in addition to promoting the Hausa language.

Muslims clerics and Muslims on social media argued it would promote immorality, calling the federal government to scrap the project.
Editors Notes: Film Village will not work in the North just as the hosting of the 52nd edition of Miss World Beauty Pageant in 'Northern' Abuja did not work in 2002. The event was moved to London due to religious riots in nearby city of Kaduna that killed over 200 people. The bloody clashes between Muslims and Christians arose from  what some Moslems branded blasphemous article in a 'Christian' ThisDay newspaper about the Miss World event.
ThisDay on Saturday November 16, 202 carried an article by Isioma Daniel in which he wrote that Prophet Muhammad would probably have approved of the Miss World competition. The Sultan of Sokoto called for peace and calm  on national television, but the federal Minister for Abuja burst into tears in front of the cameras, crying that Daniel has blasphemed the prophet. (Nigeria for you!!). Muslim radicals rioted in Kaduna and other parts of the North burning properties and killing Christians.
Christian groups took revenge killing Moslems and set fire to Muslim homes, companies and mosques.  In the evening of November 22, the organizers of the Miss World Pageant decided to move the event to London for fear of the safety of participants. The crisis lasted from November 20 to 23 before it was quelled by security forces. FILM VILLAGE WILL NOT WORK IN THE NORTH - NIGERIA SHOULD USE THE FUNDS FOR KANO FILM VILLAGE TO SET UP NOLLYWOOD FILM VILLAGE IN SOUTH-SOUTH or SOUTH-EAST.
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