MasterwebNews 30/8/16 - Ohanaeze Refutes Fabrications And Lies By IPOB/Radio Biafra

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Ohanaeze refutes fabrications by one Iroegbu and IPOB/Radio Biafra that Ohanaeze Ndigbo is recruiting 2000 Igbo Youth for President Buhari to denounce Biafra and burn the Biafran Flag. Iroegbu posted the following poorly worded statement in Facebook - "The information reaching us now from Elliot is that buhari and dss are paying ohaneze today. Joe nwogu (Ohanaeze Sec.) and Okechukwu  isiguzoro are  to look for 2000 youth that there faces are not known then as soon as they are complete they will hold a rally that they have sacked NNAMDI KANU and that they are tired of Biafra. Press  (media) People will carry it when they are  asked why are they doing this they will say NNAMDI KANU do not respect them and that he (Kanu) say he will kill them so they want to see how he will get biafra." IPOB/Radio in an article on their website titled........Read More



*Photo Caption - Dr. Joe Nworgu, Ohanaeze Secretary-General


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