MasterwebNews 8/9/16 - TB Joshua`s Prophecy On Syria Crisis

[ Masterweb Reports: Godwin Ikechukwu reports ] - An article published in September 2013 has resurfaced online, revealing Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy about the ongoing crisis in Syria.


The escalating crisis Syria is becoming a concern not only for world leaders but renowned clergies. After Pope Francis, Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua said, “If the world goes to war in Syria, it will not stop there; it will affect all its neighbours. There will be no peace in that region for years.”


He added: “We should appeal to the Arab League to come together and talk to our brother.” God Almighty continues to speak through His servants, the prophets.


The full clip revealing the cleric’s prediction was further published on the Cameroonian news site. Subsequent events have revealed the truth in Joshua’s warning. 


Godwin Ikechukwu ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - Prophet T.B. Joshua


Editor's Note: Really interesting - Why didn't  T.B. Joshua foresee the collapse of SCOAN building on Friday, September 12, 2004 that killed over 100 people? We need a response from T.B. Joshua  so that we can publish it because people are wondering why he did not foresee disaster coming home to SCOAN but can see those going afar.