BreakingNews 22/8/16 - Warning: Oil Based Nations Like Nigeria May Face Economic Death Soon

[ Masterweb Reports: Special Report ] - A major breakthrough in chemical engineering would produce so much fuel at virtually no cost and in commercial quantity that would exceed all expectations.  This energy breakthrough tested and  gradually being introduced in the world generates unlimited supply of  environmentally friendly cheap "universal fuel" that is suitable for almost all applications. The amazing thing is that the major input required in the process is simply tiny grain of sand found all over the world. This technology is so revolutionary it would force oil companies out of business and result in the death of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
Are we talking of economic death of oil dependent countries like Nigeria? Yes, this is the naked truth. The new fuel technology will enable all nations meet their energy requirements from their backyards without importation of fossil fuel. Countries like Nigeria should be ready to do what they failed to do in almost half a century – diversification of its economy or face financial death and uprising that may lead to breakup.     
The new energy (fuel) according to International Energy Agency (IEA), could soon become the #1 source of energy on earth, surpassing oil, gas and coal.  Investors uncomfortable with sliding oil price which dipped below $35/barrel for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, are selling off their oil stocks and investing in the new energy. Bill Gates sold nearly $1 billion worth of his oil stocks. The slide in oil price is predicted to continue until it would no longer be profitable for oil companies to engage in oil exploration and drilling. 
The new cheap fuel can be harvested in most parts of the world in tremendously large quantities without drilling, mining, or growing grain for ethanol or any other biofuel. According to data from U.S. Department of Energy, the new fuel is so plentiful and rich that in one week it is estimated to produce 1,000 times more energy than oil, natural gas and coal all combined would produce in one year.
The fuel is easily accessible and very cheap that Fortune 500 companies are rushing and setting up their own power companies.  Apple has invested nearly $1 billion, Google $300 million and others including and not limited to Facebook, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart and General Motors also investing substantially.
The amazing fuel was discovered by Dr. Peter Plichta, an American and maverick in chemistry and physics. The silicon in sand can be refined, and combined with hydrogen, thus making hydrosilicons, or silanes. These molecules were not viewed seriously as good candidates for fuel production but Dr. Plichta changed it all. He devised a way to make longer-chain molecular version that looked and felt like oil. Plichta’s molecular version as a fuel reacts with not only oxygen but also atmospheric nitrogen, making very hot release of energy - an ideal fuel much in need on earth.
Threatened by the affordability of the new fuel and its environmental cleanliness, oil companies and major U.S. utility companies, including PG&E, U.S. largest power company are lobbying U.S. Congress trying to stall its growth before it decimates their profits in the energy industry.
Which way Nigeria?
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*Photo Caption - Dr. Peter Plichta, inventor of new fuel.
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