Obi Only Bribing Bishops In Anambra State - Ngige

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Dr. Chris Ngige who is attracted to controversy as the bees to honey is at it again. He said that Governor Obi runnel Government by bribery, which, according to him, could never be a substitute for good work. Ngige was speaking to friends at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, May, 20 shortly after the night of Tributes for Prof. Chinua Achebe, when the discussion among those with him  zeroed on Obi.


Ngige was angered by the argument of one of those in the circle that whenever politics is removed from comment on Anambra State, that Obi is “doing extremely well.”


Angry Ngige said that reducing Government to giving few Million to Bishops is not governance, but a clever way of the Governor abdicating his responsibilities. Ngige who insisted that what Governor Obi is doing – giving money directly to institutions, especially Churches –is wrong, said it was against financial guidelines and a clear way of bribing Bishops.


“Have you been reading newspapers lately, you will see that one Bishop or the other, Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal and even native Doctors who received money from him daily tell us that Obi is the best. How can their judgement not be subjective?” Ngige queried.


Ngige said that one of the first things he would do if he became the Governor was to stop giving money directly to the Churches. “I will follow the financial laid down guidelines and deliver even more than Obi is doing today. The contracts will go round the boys and everybody will be happy,” Ngige submitted.


Ngige said that during his tenure that he did not give money to Bishops and yet he achieved a lot in education.  He claimed that even the celebrated return of schools back to the missionaries were his brain child.




*Photo Caption - Dr. Chris Ngige

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