MasterwebNews 1/10/16 - Independence Day Message By Chuks Ibegbu, Secretary-General Nigeria Unity Forum And Nigeria First Foundation

[ Masterweb Reports: Independence Day Speech by Hon. Chuks Ibegbu ] - Dear Compatriots; Today Nigeria observes her fifty sixth independence day celebration. Somebody that is fifty six years is no longer a small boy. Definitely  a lot of mistakes have been made in the past. A lot of misteps have been done, but a lot of successes have also been recorded.

Today, we are at the throes of centrifugal forces that threatens the unity and existence of the country. The BOKO HARAM has ravaged the country for long.The Fulani Herdsmen have been in the news in recent time for gruesome killings and clashes with farmers through out the country. The pro-Biafran agitators have been agitating to secede. The Niger Delta Avengers have been making spirited effort to keep our economy in tatters.

Coupled with all these is the endemic corruption by our political and military elites . Since independence, more than one trillion dollars of state funds have been stolen  by our ruling elites , hence making our nation a Giant on mosquito legs. No wonder there is poverty in the midst of plenty. No wonder there is terrible hardship in the land even with all our endowments.

The problem in Nigeria is elite insensitivity and leadership failure at all levels. The followers have not helped matters too as they also look for least opportunities to do the same thing their rulers do. Its just that they have not had the opportunity. The looting of our commonwealth by a few elites in power has made mockery of our country. Imagine the kind of money we hear everyday that our rulers and elites steal. Imagine the cost of governance at all levels. How can a nation survive this rape.

The Nigeria Unity Forum and the Nigeria First foundation therefore implore Nigerians not to pander to the whims and caprices of those that steal our money and pitch us against ourselves so that we can not call them to account for their misdeeds. The problem in Nigeria is not between the talakawa in Kano and the wretched man in Umuahia. Its between the forces of darkness and light. Its a problem of elite unpatriotism and the masses indolence and complacence.

Fellow Nigerians we have to work together to make our country great. . A working Nigeria is still far better than a working Biafra or Arewa, of Oduduwa or Niger Delta republics.  Let us all join hands to implant justice, equity and fair play in our country . Let us build big institutions and not big names.  Let us make Nigeria the pride of the black man and Africans. Yes we can.

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*Photo Caption - Hon. Chuks Ibegbu

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