BreakingNews 1/10/16 - Comrade Edwin Uhara Wishes Masterweb Happy Independence Day

[ Masterweb Reports: Comrade Edwin Uhara Wishes Masterweb Happy Independence Day ] - Dear Editor; After reflecting on the labours of our heroes past as well as your personal sacrifice and efforts to sustain the tempo established, I have no cause than to value and appreciate your oustanding achievements for
the country we all love!


Therefore, may this Independence anniversary be an encouragement for you
to do more in any capacity God Almighty allows.


Happy Independence Day Sir!


Comrade Edwin Uhara


Editor’s Note: Thank you Comrade Edwin Uhara for the wonderful Independence Day wish. Happy Independence Day to Nigeria! How do we make Nigeria great because she had never been great? Nigeria was really 'oiled' to foolishness otherwise we will not be where we are today - unable to pay salaries and desperately trying to sell-off national assets amongst other troubling issues. How do we make Nigeria great? Your guess is as good as mine – Nigeria really needs to change from oil-based economy to tax-based economy where people’s productivity funds government in the provision of infrastructure and enabling environment for coexistence, commerce and industry. This includes resource control where people control what is in their land and pay appropriate local, state (or region) and federal taxes.  This is what is called the People’s Government (Government By The People For The People) . We should all be prepared to Trump Nigeria – Trumping Nigeria can also mean electing people that are not part of the establishment (system) and are honest and dedicated to the service of their communities and the country. Send comments to
*Photo CaptionMasterweb Publisher, Charles O. Okereke at Donald Trump Waukesha, Wisconsin rally media stand Wednesday, September 28, 2016. Read story below....
Trump Rally Train Stops In Waukesha, Wisconsin - Auditorium Overwhelmed  (Masterweb crew was there).
[ Masterweb Reports ] – Yesterday, Wednesday, September 28 Donald J. Trump’s campaign rally train made a successful stop at Waukesha, Wisconsin, a suburb about eighteen miles from Milwaukee, the biggest city in population in Wisconsin. Masterweb was there to report the news as she was one of the accredited media duly issued media pass to cover the rally. The event scheduled at The Waukesha County Expo Center for 6.00 pm, at 4.00 pm when Masterweb reporters got to the venue had a very long line of people queued up for ........Read More  



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