BreakingNews 2/10/16: Reflecting Upon Nature`s Beauty and Scientific Harvests

[ Masterweb Reports: Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports ] - Beauty, as I behold it
Beauty, as I behold it in my perception, is a daughter of nature and the abstract image of God's thought-forms and perfection. When we consider the engines that drive the human system and the parts which make the body whole, we see beauty; when we consider how seasons marry shrubs and trees to produce colorful, inexplicable and delightful-to-the-eye pictures, nature's wonders surface. And my admiration for the influence which persuades the seeming perfection in nature grows as I further consider the shades, colors and designs woven into every flying bird, every crawling and creeping creature - and not excluding the fishes of the seas and all the territorial preys and predators of the wild. In all these, we cannot undermine nature and the examples it daily shows us as we pursue constancy in perfection. 


It was just yesterday, as I was walking by a path almost covered with wild flowers that a sharp hurting sensation called me to attention: I was attacked by a strange type of wild flower. As I stopped to take stock, I noticed that these beautiful looking flowers had released sets of tiny detachable thorns all over my arms. ‘Even the flowers of the wild can be naturally territorial that, hidden by the stems of these lovely ones lie tiny sets of thorns,’ I had soliloquized.  A closer look at these shrubby kind of flowers brought to my remembrance a short story my lovely mother had once told me.  
“Your little brother," she had begun, "had one day woken up from sleep and called me: "Mother," he said, "while in my dream, I was shown this flower and the person told me that it can cure AIDS.” 
My mother, in her sweet way of teaching us life's ways, had asked him: "Did the person tell you if it is the leaves or the roots that cure AIDS, and how is it to be prepared?"  
"He did not, mama," the little boy had replied and continued questioningly, "besides, will I start from my childhood days to talk about roots and herbs?" Funny, though, that little dreamer had grown to become a lawyer today.
Well, as I looked at this type of flower which has a noticeable resemblance to the one my brother had  said he saw, I was taken aback into considering how far science has advanced in its interpretation of nature’s beauty and hidden codes. 
Some of you may not really understand where I am coming from but, as I looked at these flowers and ponder on their beauties, I couldn't help but wonder what secrets nature buries in everything we see and how God has provided all help for mankind - albeit hidden in nature's codes - to be deciphered only by true admirers and seekers.
Anyways, as I sign off here, my appreciation goes to all scientists of different fields and to all believers in the possibility of diminishing impossibilities.  Still I would not end without affirming and reiterating my belief: God has made all things beautiful! As we each look at this beautiful flower and cogitate on the shades and dimensions of its beauty, let us not forget that we have a world of possibilities all around us and that everything nature brings our way is for a solution - not a problem. When we begin to look closer, we will surely see clearer. The flower my little brother spoke of may not be a cure for/to anything after all, but it surely is standing as a prevention to/for something. We can only come closer in our admiration of God's work to be able to see the hidden treasures in everything He has made.


Ikechukwu Enyiagu (Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - The strange wild flower that attacked Ikechukwu Enyiagu, author of article.

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