MasterwebNews 17/9/16 - Church Leaders and Christians in Nigeria: Where are your Prophets?

[ Masterweb Reports: C. K. Ekeke & Obery M. Hendricks, Jr. report ] - To the Saints in Nigeria, the Faithful in Christ Jesus: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ be upon your and your family. I greet you in the name of Christ, our Lord and with the love of God, our heavenly Father. The purpose of this essay to the Church of Nigeria today is two-fold:
Firstly, to draw your attention to the executive lawlessness and suffering that Nigerians—mostly Christians are subjugated to in the country, and secondly, to invite you to speak truth to power as prophets of the Most High God before it is too late for Nigeria.  
Therefore, I will like to start by humbly asking the Church of Nigeria (CAN) leadership this question: Where are the true prophets?
In a time when the entire nation is under siege, when 180 million Nigerians aresubjugated to fear and brutality, when there is executive lawlessness and tyranny, when the Hallowed Houses of the Senate and Assembly cannot have intelligent debate and robust dialogue anymore, when the nation’s fledging democracy is under attack, when the inherent virtues of democratic principles such as freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, etc., are punishable with arrest, detention or death, when unarmed and peaceful protesting Biafran youths are gunned down by the very military forces that suppose to protect and uphold their individual rights in a democratic system, when tyranny and ruthlessness are used to force Easterners to submit to Nigeria’s expired sovereignty, when guerilla warfare are being waged in the oil rich Niger Delta, and when the megalomaniacal emperor and pharaoh of our time is meting  unspeakable brutality against his subjects, we helpless citizens expect the true prophets of God to arise and speak the Word of the LORD against this kind of ruthlessness, brutality, impunity and tyranny against God’s people. 

Earlier this week, I read that President Muhammad Buhari has released or planning to free Kabiru Sokoto, a convicted Boko haram terrorist who masterminded the bombing of Saint Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, Niger State on Sunday, December 25, 2011 that killed more than 50 parishioners – including women, babies and children, and severely wounded over 100 people as a Sallah gift this year to Muslims in Nigeria. What a travesty!

To bring back your memory: the bombing of Saint Theresa Catholic Church Madalla in Niger state during Sunday Mass on Christmas Day was the deadliest, dastardly, and most despicable terrorist assault on innocent Nigerian Christians by Boko-Haram jihadist sect. 

The  Christmas Day bomb blasts on Saint Theresa Catholic Church, Madalla, Niger state and other coordinated bombings of churches in Jos, Plateau State  and Damaturu, Yobe State that killed hundreds of parishioners and severely injured hundreds beyond recognition was an outrage and  a colossal  provocation.  Boko-Haram jihadist and terrorist sect and their sponsors chose the most Holy Day of Christians to inflict the worst evil, vile, barbaric, and satanic massacre of innocent church worshippers.

The Madalla bombing was not just an attack on the Church and Christians of Nigeria but an assault on Christianity. It was an insult, an outrage and a provocation against Christians in Nigeria and for President Buhari to even speculate releasing Kabiru Sokoto from prison, a murderer who was behind most of the deadly terrorist attacks on churches and religious institutions in Nigeria of which he confessed in the court of law, but now freed by the President Buhari shows the height of arrogance and should elicit outrage from all Christians in Nigerians.

On December 28, 2011, I was so outraged that I wrote an article titled: “A Bloody Christmas, A Bloody Boko-Haram, And a Bloody Country,” which was published by several Nigerian online news outlets, one among several essays I have written on Boko haram since they began their new phase of satanic global caliphate agenda to Islamize Nigeria.

Reading this week that the President has released or planning to release this Boko haram murderer, who committed such cowardly and barbaric massacre on solemn Christian Holy Day is the height of arrogance, betrayal and abuse of power by our number one citizen. 

It is the most disdain and cruelest insult to Christians around the world.  President Buhari released a convicted Boko haram terrorist, a mass murderer who was sentenced to life but continues to detain without substantial evidence, the Nigerian Shiite leader, his political enemies, and especially Mr. Nanmdi Kanu, a freedom fighter and leader of Indigenous People of Biafra – even after two competent courts ordered that he should be released as well as other Biafra freedom fighters. This is absurd, unbelievable, and intolerable.
I’m incensed just like the day the mass murderer Kabiru Sokoto bombed Saint Theresa Catholic Church on Christmas Day as I write this piece. I am outraged to read that President Buhari freed a Boko haram murderer who is serving life-sentence for bombing a church where the brains of a two-year blown away, where Mrs. Dike lost her entire family – husband and five children to an irrational and senseless bomb blasts, where Sir Emmanuel Obiukwu lost his four daughters after running away from Kano religious violence years ago and where over 50 parishioners were instantly killed and hundreds sustained all kinds of severe injuries and wounds. 

The Nigerian church leadership ought to be outraged.  Christians ought to be outraged.  Sincere and honest Nigerians ought to be outraged.  The global community needs to be outraged because democracy is at risk in Nigeria.  Nigerians must rise-up to stop this callous lawless and tyranny.  Courageous men and women must rise up now, wake from their cowardliness and fear to stop President Buhari before he leads Nigeria to destruction.
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