MasterwebNews 23/9/16 - Group Reject Calls by Saraki, Dangote and other Oligarchs to Sell-Off National Assets

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - It has come to our knowledge that a group of Nigerian Oligarchs who have for long held this nation hostage have been mounting pressure on the Federal Government to sell-off some of its national assets to raise cash to meet other national demands.

This organised group whose members cut acrose various socio-political and economic divides have come out openly to ask the Federal Government to do its biding having succeeded in creating and blowing the current hardships in the country out of proportion! For Example, after spending his luxurious holidays in Spain, Senator Saraki returned to Nigeria only to mock the suffering masses by telling them that he is also suffering!

The symbolic head of this very formidable group led by Senator Bukola Saraki, Alhaji Aliko Dangote and others are asking the Federal Government to sell-off its shares in all Joint Venture Companies, Liquified Natural Gas, Africa Development Bank etc knowing full well that they are the only ones who have the cash to buy them.

This is however coming at a time when one in every nine Nigerians donot have enough food to eat!

This is also coming at a time when 85 richest people on Planet Earth can buy 3.5 billion people with their wealth according to Oxfam.

While Nigerians are still suffering from the Federal Government Indigenisation Policy of 1971 which beqeathed the great wealths of Nigeria in to the hands of few whom the vast majority of the people are servants to their children and grand children today, their primogenitures are back calling on the government to sell-off the
remaining assets of Nigeria to them so that they can permanently mortgage the future of Nigeria having destroyed the chances of an ordinary Nigerian from climbing the socio-political and economic ladder without them.

This is a group who have destroyed the middle class in the country and blocked the possibility of any social mobility among the children of the poor, thereby creating extreme inequality in the system.

Therefore, we call on President Buhari who is a friend of the masses to ignore their calls. If President Obama who became President of America in the time of Economic Meltdown, had sold-off America's assets, there would not have been opportunities for people like Mark Zuckerberg to be richer that both Saraki and Dangote combined on the ground of his ideas. In America today, if you work hard, you can be whatever you want to be but in Nigeria, it is not so.

In the same token, we urge the President to introduce property tax and utility tax as a an alternative to selling national assets. This is because, if you should go to Maitama, Asokoro and Victoria Island areas of Abuja and Lagos, you will see alot empty houses and cars wasting while 18 million Nigerians are homeless.

Finally, we call on the President to constitute Tax Assesment Committee that will clampdown on tax dodgers and those who hide their wealth in tax haven coutries like Panama.


Mr. Brown Justice
Convener, New Mandate Movement



*Photo Caption - Alhaji Aliko Dangote


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