Nigerian Student Inflicts Head Injury On Indian Policeman

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Bangalore East Division police had a harrowing time late Sunday night as a Nigerian foreign student attacked police. TG Krishna Bhat, deputy Deputy Commissioner of Police (east) said the incident occurred around 1.30 am when police was on night patrol near Louri School on Ring Road. Raghu, a police constable with Banasawadi Police Station was attacked by a Nigerian student when policemen intervened in a dispute between a group of Nigerian students on Kammanahalli Main Road.


Raghu and Dondaiah Hiremah were on night patrol when they received call that a group of foreign students under the influence of alcohol were causing public nuisance near a bar. They got to the scene around 11.45 pm and tried to disperse them, but the students picked up quarrel with them. One of them removed his belt, using it to flog Raghu. The constable suffered head injury from the attack. He was rescued from further injury by passers-by, including auto rickshaw (called “keke” in Nigeria) drivers.


Indian police said the incident would be dealt to the maximum provision of the law and the Nigerian government contacted for further action. “We will arrest the accused and will inform the authority of their country for further action,” Deputy Commissioner of Police TG Krishna Bhat said in a press statement.






*Photo Caption - TG Krishna Bhat, deputy Deputy Commissioner of Police (east)

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