BreakingNews 24/10/16: Dealing with Famine and Starvation deaths in Africa

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Dear African brothers, you people were exploited in the past, now you are free but neglecting your own African Brothers who are poor. No Obama can help you, You have to help your Fellow African brothers as they  starving to death.
Presently 50 million African brothers are starving and the World does not  care. In order to prevent starvation deaths in African Countries following measures should be taken.
They are :
  1. Demand from World Bank minimum 10 billion dollars annually , for African Food and Development  Fund.
World bank instead of giving money to rich Asian countries,  should focus on African countries like Somalia, Mali, Ethopia, Nigeria  etc  and all poor African Countries.
  1. Land banks for Agriculture should be established in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa etc .
Allot minimum  1 million Square Kilometers of land in African countries where there is fertile land  and water is available, to grow Food Crops  only.
   These food grains produced should be annually or monthly  given to those African countries where there is famine, draught or where people are starving to death.
  1. If you don’t want to grow food crops to feed your own brothers, then ok, purchase from USA, Australia, China food grains worth minimum 1 billion dollars annually  to feed the starving Africans.
But better grow food grains in fertile lands of African Countries.
  1. Some African countries are Christians and Some are Muslims.  You people were made slaves
Not because of your religion , but because of your colour.
So African Muslim and Christian brothers  stay united and fight against poverty, hunger in all
African Countries.
  1. African countries should use World bank money to buy clothes for poor African Men, Women and Childrens.
  1. Purchase 500 borewell drilling vehicles and send them  to those African countries where there is scarcity of water or water is polluted.
Drill borewell at the rate of 1 borewell minimum per population of 500 peoples.
500 borewell drilling machines would cost 50 million dollars .
  1. Construct  domestic water drainages in all poor African countries for Sanitation  so that there is no Cholera, Maleria etc. cases in African countries.
  2. Use World bank money to construct houses in all poor African countries.
If World Bank does not provides 10 Billion dollars to African Fund, then ask China to give same amount yearly , as China has invested heavily in African mineral resources. But don’t become slave of China or World bank , no. what Money China would give you is your right, since China is doing Mining activities in African countries.
I call upon all African Countries to immediately establish Africa Food and Development  Fund with help from World Bank, to fight Famine, Draught, Starvation , Poverty etc in all African countries.

Dear African Brothers, nobody will fight for you, so you need to fight a peaceful  war to get funds from World Bank and Invest same on Food grains, house constructions , Sanitation and Poverty eradication.

Kindly start this process Immediately without further delays, as presently minimum 50 million Africans are starving and waiting for your help.
Remain united, don’t fight in the name of religion, you are all brothers .
No more delays.
Rizwan Siddiqui 
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