MasterwebNews 25/10/16 - Redefining Leadership in Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports: Marcus Okotete reports ] - There is no doubt that leadership is one of the fundamental problems we face in Nigeria as a nation. It is a problem that cuts across party divides; whether it's the APC or the PDP, leadership remains the
fulcrum that is missing in the country.

However, the popular language in the country today is economic recession, but the question everyone probably have refused to ask is how come we allowed ourselves to get in to the mess of recession in the first place? How come our so-called leaders, past and present did not see it coming and be prepared for it ahead of time? Why should the masses pay for the mistakes of their leaders? Is that what democracy
should mean for them?

As the National Coordinator of Leadership-Project Reloaded, we not only believe that leadership have to do with the democratic governance of Nigeria, but we also believe and view leadership as the essential ingredient that must be reckoned with in all endeavors of our national lives. For Instance, for a man and a woman to stay and live together in peace and harmony, the husband as the head of the family must show leadership. In the same token, leadership is not by style, but an act
that is predicated on sacrifice. In our country today, it is no longer news that 27 states of the 36 states of the federation are unable to pay workers salary which is the least of all the things expected from a leader and yet some of the so-called leaders at the state levels are busy spending tax payers money on frivolities.

How can Nigeria be great again when 70 percent of its population are unemployed? How can Nigeria be great again when pipelines are been vandalised on daily basis? How can Nigeria be great again when our tertiary institutions are breeding grounds for prostitution and brigandages instead of being the centre for innovation that will move the nation forward?

If the man who headed the Nigerian National Democratic Party, the first political party in Nigeria formed in 1923 by Herbert Macaulay is to come out from his grave, will be happy with the situation of Nigeria today? The answer is certainly no! Therefore, there is missing link some where.

In my view, I believe that for Nigeria to be great again, all those who wants to run for varrious elective positions in 2019 from the Presidential election through the Senatorial and Governorship elections to the Councillorship elections should start rethinking governance in their minds because the mind is the centre of all human
activities before it's being put in to practice.

As for me and my members in the Leadership Projected Reloaded, we will continue to mobilise Nigerians of all tribes, religion and orientation for the great task of producing better and quality leaders that will take Nigeria to her dream land of being the first among the equals. Though the challenge may not be easy but as a stakeholder in Nigerian politics who also believe that leadership is a sacrifice, I
and my group will do our best in this regard!

Based on the foregoing, I call on the Independent National Electoral Commission to start voters education now that politicians are busy planning for next elections. Starting voters revalidation and registration of Nigerians who have reached the age of 18 years now will also help them to improve our elections in 2019.

Finally, I call on the National Assembly to ensure adequate budgetary provisions for INEC in its 2017 appropriation for better preparations because failure to plan is planning to fail.

Chief Marcus Okotete is the National Coordinator of Leadership Project Reloaded. He can be reached at


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