Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill in Nigeria - A crisis of Faith

 [ Masterweb Reports ] -  Nigerian lawmakers recently agreed to prohibit same sex marriages and even to prohibit any outward manifestations of same sex Love in public  maintaining the ban on homosexuality –whilst the whole world awaits President Goodluck Jonathan(a Catholic Christian)  to sign the bill into law many are moved to prayer & fastings at this great disastrous point in Nigeria’s Timeline.  The prohibition has placed  the Nation between the devil(who stands against Faith) & the deep blue sea (consequence of not following  democratic processes).  Whilst many feel that the stance for defeating the same sex marriage prohibition is a Human Rights one , I like many others believe that it is only through Religious arguments & discourse that we would successfully avoid  this disastrous path for it is a Faith issue even a faith crisis, If GEJ signs it –it is a personal faith one & by not signing it  is a democratic crisis one.


Muslims & Legalistic Christians (Christians that live under the Law of Moses as opposed to under Grace – the Law of Christ )hold the view that homosexuality (gays & lesbians) and cross dressers & Transgendered ( yan daudu etc) are abominable in the sight of God & are” a sin”.  Christian LGBTs ( Lesbians Gays, Bi-Sexuals and Trans people including Cross dressers)  yes there are “such people “and straight Christians under Grace agree that whilst it is true that God did ban it and stipulated under the Law of Moses that it must not be done see Leviticus 18:22,  any Christian that is worthy of their salt and are truly under Grace will know that we are not to live under the Law . Hebrews 10 v 9 tells us Jesus’s mission statement ,  He came to abolish the first and establish the second.    Hebrews states that because  there was a change in Priesthood there was also a necessity of a change in the Law, Jesus changed the Law He said it in Mathew 22v37-40 where there are ONLY 2 Commandments to replace the 630 odd Laws given under the Law of Moses - 2 Corinthians 3:6 states that we are only to preach the new testament.


Christian LGBTs believe that Jesus died for them to be who they are , Galatians 3 ;13 states  He became a curse for us and paid the penalty for our sins, not only did He do that but He took the law all the way out of the Way in the Change of Priesthood now where there is no law there cannot be any transgression! .  Jesus is the only One  that offers penalty free religion  (He Redeeming us from the Curse of the Law became a Curse for us)He is the only Way.


For these reasons Nigerians should not advocate a ban and penalty on same sex marriages or homosexuality as Jesus paid the penalty and to do so would be a violation of Jesus ‘s Law and a fall from Grace - a Faith Crisis. 


Whilst it is true many are not comfortable with same sex relationships , many people do want a policy of live and let live which is what Jesus basically also said. 


As Christians we KNOW that EVEN if we felt that someone was sinning they are entitled to their sinning ways our job is ONLY to go and preach the Truth to them , if they say we should leave they don’t want to hear we are to obey that is the directive God gave us. We are not to use force “in convincing” as that is not faith in Him.


As Christians  Same Sex relationships  questions Christians faith in all denominations  worldwide , what do you really believe? Do you believe that Christ abolished the law and established Grace ? that is the issue here  - if you don’t believe that He did  it would mean that one would still be in ones sin  -  If one does not accept that the Law of Moses is no more, the SACRIFICE  that He is would not benefit one  and that would be a great Crisis of Faith in Him and in what God has done.


Elizabeth F Obisanya reports. Elizabeth F Obisanya is a Born Again Christian film maker  & lobbyist currently attached to the Human Rights and same sex marriage activist Peter Tatchell Foundation in London.  She is a Masters Graduate of Goldsmiths College London, her film works include –Cashback paper or plastic©, DBW© The Trouble with Paul©, and more recently the Christian lesbian short film – Magda’s Lesbian Lover© She is a partner member of Creflo Dollar ministries ( US) and  a member  of the Inclusive Church in London. She lives in Royal Greenwich London.


*Photo Above – Map of Nigeria

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