BreakingNews 27/10/16 - Ohanaeze Youth To Publish Soon List of SE Governors And Politicians Who Looted The Treasury

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - We shall officially publish the list of corrupt South East (SE) politicians and looters of our commonwealth by the first week of November, 2016. Warn governors owing workers and pensioners to clear their salary arrears on or before the end of November or face our wrath.

1 The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth wing  will now publish the names of all the past and present Governors and political office  holders who looted the commonwealth of the Igbos.

2. The list will be published in all the media in the country and overseas.

3. The shocking names will be published in the first week of November, 2016 with the facts and pictures of  our stolen assets and their bank account details.

4 Thereafter we shall  set the machinery to recover the funds back for Ndigbo through the EFCC , ICPC AND DSS.

5. We warn the culprits to openly confess now and return their loots on or before the first week of November or be permanently disgrace .

6. We also warn the Governors owing their workers and pensioners arrears of salaries and pensions to clear them before that date too . They must explain where the Bail out funds and allocations for their states went into . WE are very serious on this and our will must not be tested.


Mazi Alex Okemiri
Chairman of State Chairmen
Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC)
*Photo Caption - As seen.

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