BreakingNews 1/11/16 - Leave, if you are not satisfied with Nigeria`s composition -Kukah

[ Masterweb Reports: Clement A. Oloyede reports ] - The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Bishop Matthew Hassan-Kukah has said any group or person not satisfied with the present composition of Nigeria can leave the country. 
Kukah said this at the 11th Anniversary of Kpakpando Foundation for Physically Challenged Persons and the 50th birthday ceremony of its founder, Senator Osita Izunaso.
While speaking as the keynote speaker on the topic “Place of people with disabilities in contemporary Nigeria,” the Catholic bishop said Nigeria as it is presently composed is not a property of any group, party or persons but belongs to all Nigerians regardless of their strata.
“If any Christian is not satisfied with the way the country is being run, he should relocate to the Gambia; if any Muslim is not satisfied with the way the country is being run, he should relocate to Saudi Arabia. This country belongs to all of us and not just Christians, Muslims, APC or any other group”, he said.
He said persons with disabilities in Nigeria should look at the Constitution and ask whether those that wrote the Constitution and those saddled with administering it have been fair to them. 
He added that the kind of structure being operated in Nigeria that produces such level of poverty amidst plenty should be questioned. He noted that this questioning is necessary because a state that is unable to meet the needs of its citizens, both able and disable, itself suffers some form of disabilities.
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