BreakingNews 8/11/16 - Oluyole Estate`s unsafe roads in Ibadan

[ Masterweb Reports: Gabrielle Rockson writes Masterweb ] - Dear Editor; My name is Gabrielle Rockson and I am a British-Nigerian 16 year old girl, studying my A-levels and living in the UK. I am writing to ask if you can please share my blog post about the terribly unsafe roads in Oluyole Estate, Ibadan.


During my trip to Nigeria, I went to visit my Pastor's house in Oluyole Estate, which was when I discovered the terribly conditioned roads. The roads were unpaved, bumpy and filled with potholes.


I feel very strongly about this as I believe it is extremely unsafe for the locals in Oluyole Estate and I believe that the Oyo State Government must do something about it. Therefore, I sent my blog post to the Oyo State government website, but of course got no reply.

It would mean so much to me if you could please have a read of my blog post and publicise this upsetting issue so that a change can be made.

Here is the link of the blogpost:


Thanking you in advance for your help.


Kind regards,


Gabrielle Rockson 



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