Delta 2015: Challenges Before Uduaghan, Who He Hands Over To?

 [ Masterweb Reports: Godday Odidi reports ] –  As 2015 approaches, many high-flying Deltans are enthusiastically showing intense interest of contesting for Delta state governorship election which the rally forces of supporters are at geometrical progression. Some political leaders within the state are now paying unscheduled political visits to effect their political agenda for 2015. Delta state has 25 local governments with just three ethnic geo- political zones, Delta north, Delta central and Delta south. Delta State is not different from Plateau state that has the same three senatorial districts but the latter has elected three of the senatorial districts into the governorship of the state while the former still operating in two district leadership only.


Over the years, Delta politics has been directly controlled by highly placed cabals in the state without any form of political intimidation or pressure. The resultant effect is that Delta state resources have been politically mismanaged by imposed and conscripted leaders who never sailed through the choice of Deltans but selected cabals of the state. Since the enthronement of democracy in 1999 when Delta central and Delta south occupied the position of the governorship through Chief James Ibori and Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan till date. Only few Deltans felt the present leadership of the state which the ruling political party (PDP) has decided to impose leaders on its people. Apart from the strong opposition party in the state as regards to Democratic Peoples Party (DPP), the state political leadership is divided into two as PDP1 and PDP2. Though PDP1 is formidable than PDP2 in the sense that the latter is the offspring of the DPP and nothing else. Some of the real PDP abandoned members would likely join the novel APC than remain extraneous in the state politics or otherwise. To some extent, Dr Uduaghan as the governor of Delta state since 2007 till date in spite of the re-run hiccups in 2011 against Chief Great Ogboru and others  with high profile disparagement, he has able to bring some giant strides and dividends of democracy to  Deltans  through his three point agenda.


2015 is not far, the fact remains that many are greatly showing interest to contest for the governorship of the Delta state but the anointed political flagbearer has not emerge as the candidate for the great contest but the man to the seat has already be decided by powers that be. Even if the party primaries are contested, the man to occupy the position is already elected before the election in the ruling party. As far as a single party controls the state, the power to vote lies on the privileged cabals. The problem is that some political leaders within the state have succumbed to media to express their political grievances against each other without the foundational strategy to capture the state.Dr  Emmanuel Uduaghan just recently appointed new Delta state electoral officers while waiting for INEC to announce the D-day for Delta state local government election which has been deferred  for many a time while appointed impromptu caretaker committees to oversee the affairs of the local governments for almost two years and half without conducting a hitch free and fair election in the state. The delay in conducting free and fair local government election has given room for intellectual corruption in the state.


The long list of aspirants jostling for Delta 2015 indicated that the land is full of milk and honey while some are mere political jokers and others are serious-minded people who want to change Delta state leadership for better. Some of these self-styled aspirants are yet to impact their immediate environment positively rather want to go for such exalted position in the state than going for ordinary councillorship position. Delta state is blessed with human and capital resources, yet 45 percent of Deltans are living in object poverty, in spite of various poverty alleviation programmes to create jobs for Delta youths. Delta state population is estimated over 3million people while infrastructural developments are seen in some parts of the state. Isoko and Anioma people have been totally marginalized and limited to leadership position in the state. Though the Anioma people had over the years occupied the speakership of the Delta State House of Assembly while Isoko that has one of the largest clan in Delta State still having only two local governments and only occupied a speakership position once by Late Igbrude but was abruptly impeached from office. Dr EmmanuelUduaghan to some large extent has appointed some few Isoko people in key positions to commiserate the sufferings and agitation of Isoko nation over the years.


Come to think of those veritable and reliable people intended to go for Government House Asaba come 2015, some of these so-called aspirants have taken an unconvinced method of introducing kangaroo empowerment programmes to win the hearts of the innocent electorates. Some of these political contestants have no credibility of contesting for 2015 but decided to make the state ungovernable and intractable, if the need arises. Some of these political aspirants must be thoroughly scrutinized and examined before accepting them to come out for 2015. Barrister Festus Keyamo is one of the fiery and successful young lawyers in Nigeria whose credentials are intimidating and competent enough to be voted and qualified for the governorship position and still in his 40s. He is the pioneer of the Delta Forces United (DFU) that is already making great impact in Delta state with massive supporters from the three senatorial districts. He is prepared to change the leadership of the Delta come 2015 if allows by the dreaded cabals in state. Barrister Festus Keyamo does not believe or belongs to any cabal that detects the political structure in the state. If elections are properly conducted as free and fair, Festus Keyamo is unbeatable but some schools of thought have said that Festus Keyamo should go for Delta State House of Assembly first before governorship position but that is human imagination. Some assume that good human right activists do not make great leaders but that is a political error or assumption. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole never occupied any political position but was a labour activist and contested for Edo state governorship position in 2011 and won abysmally even when the PDP in the state stole his mandate but he reclaimed through the Supreme Court verdict. What a great victory?


Again Chief Edwin Clark is one of grandfathers of Delta politics who has running political battles with some powerful cabals in the PDP over the choice of governorship candidate since 1999.

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