MasterwebNews 14/10/16 - How To End Poverty In Nigeria by WAPIN


[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Poverty can be wiped out or drastically reduced in Nigeria, but it will take the will by the government and Nigerians to end this malaise. We should not continue to wait for the West to do it for us. In the 60s, Dr. M. I. Okpara, the Premier  of Old Eastern region made the region the fastest growing economy in the World through agriculture and industry. Malaysia came to the region and took oil palm seeds and today Malaysia is exporting palm oil and we do not even have enough for local consumption.

Awolowo made the West the cynosure in industrial and agricultural development from which the funds for scholarships and free education was available. Sir Ahmadu Bello made the old North the food basket of Africa. Why is it that with the trillions  of naira all over the country we cannot feed ourselves.

The following steps should be  explored.

1. Acquisition of relevant skills/apprenticeship/education.
2.Acquisition of business management and finance skills
3 Population control and management(NOT NOS OF CHILDREN BUT QUALITY OF THEIR LIVES)
4  Removal of Poverty mindset and laziness from our people
5   Wiping out corruption in the system
6    Exploring alternatives to oil viz Agriculture and Solid minerals.

We are also writing the following books with the titles shown below to assist in this poverty eradication war.

1 How to win the war against poverty

2.Nigeria; From Poverty to Prosperity; the steps

3  Overcoming the Poverty mindset

4.  The poor man's burden

5.  Beware Of Poverty and its effects

6  The Curse and Cost of Poverty in Nigeria

7  How Some Government policies lead to mass poverty and the way out

These books will be available at the Rallies in each zone of the country.


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