BreakingNews 19/10/16 - Peter Obi`s Road to Redemption

[ Masterweb Reports: Tunde Asaju reports ] - If I had a word of advice for a worthy son, it would go something like this - beware of those who ride on sweet words into the conscience of voters for public office, they are a disappointment in the end. Since this is the era in which sons never accept anything without questioning, I would provide examples. The Wizard of Ota, a good writer of fables handed power civilians and returned to reap the reward. Once back in office, became an emperor and a gross disappointment, now writing and speaking back into political relevance and struggling to rewrite history.
A certain Mai Gaskiya, so broke and austere-living he couldn’t pay his rent. Returned to power on his anti-corruption stance now bursting at the seams with five houses, children in London schools, cash and cows all over; inheritor of eleven presidential jets and buyer of bullet proof limousines. Now thinks change begins with his fans! To dyed-in-the-wool Change apostles, nothing but their hero’s name is the key that opens El Dorado, so let Sai Baba be!
But what do you say of Peter Obi and his new road to redemption? Instead of sitting pretty over his rumoured successful businesses empire and savouring his newfound love with the umblera, former APGA lone-ranger, Peter Obi has stirred the political Hornet’s nest. His advise on how to curb waste and flourish in spite of the recession is the stuff of which bling-bling pastor’s create serial sermons and cult followership.
So, can anything good come out of a man who blatantly shunned the enviable perks of office and ran it all alone for eight years? Here was a governor who would carry his own bag; queue at airports when he travelled and refuse executive shunting. How can a man like that be taken seriously in a country where governors take pleasure in driving through their opponent’s villagers nuts with deadening siren just to rub in the painful balm of defeat?
What is power when the powerful shun the perks that differentiate them from Joneses?  Obi gallantly saw the waste in local governments and refused to conduct elections preferring to be sole administrator for eight years. As dividend, he has tarred roads, first class school results and improved social infrastructure to prove. Obi tackled kidnapping by taking down the mansions with which its kingpins mocked the huts build on sweat. Yes, there are those who argue that Obi’s tarred roads are collapsing two years after he left office, although they are not telling us whether this is as a result of poor maintenance or the power of gully erosions.
Who wants the advice of an ex-governor who saved money for his successor by ostracising and starving political godfathers? A man who confessed to taking government house to big men rather than use taxpayer’s money to lavishly entertain them in government house. A man rejected the call to be the Amr of secession by diverting money meant for development into ‘building a formidable opposition’. A killjoy Obi did not hand over the one state APGA to the APC as a lasting handshake across Onitsha to secure for himself immunity from prosecution but willed it to a tattered umblera. It’s been two years and neither the EFCC nor the Daura Security Service, DSS has invited Obi for a chat, a fact that may change if he keeps talking. 
As a co-traveller in the thankless enterprise of preaching to the converted, I would shrug my shoulders and ask that nobody listen to Obi. I don’t have to emphasise that for those whose auditory nerves have been deadened by the market noise of Change.  There is a sickness associated with the ruling elite for which they deserve more than a ten-day retreat at Sai Baba’s London Ear Infection Clinic - it’s that they do not use common sense when in power.  But Obi practically lived his talk for eight years in Awka! Hate the messenger, but digest Peter Obi’s road to redemption.
*Photo Caption - Peter Obi, Goodluck Janathan meet the Pope December 2014.
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