MasterwebNews 19/10/16 - The Making Of Another Deadly Insurgency In Nigeria Via State Repression And Radicalization Of Shiite Muslim Worship

[ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] - (Intersociety: Onitsha Nigeria, 16th of October 2016)-Our heart is saddened over the failure of the civilian Government of Gen Muhammadu Buhari to learn from history so as to avoid further triggering of societal anarchy and plunging the Federal Republic of Nigeria into a state of unquenchable and intractable human tragedies. The Buhari Administration has become so destructive that most, if not all of the democratic gains, values and consolidations made over the years particularly since 1999 have virtually disappeared or collapsed. The worst of it all is that Nigeria has lost its “conscience of the nation” (CSOs, rights activists and media) to Buhari Administration’s entrenched governance rascality and brigandage.
Regime Atrocities such as State killings and terrorism are now labelled “fight against corruption” and even tolerated and condoned in the community of CSOs. Human Rights Activists have become Human Rights Destroyers and activist lawyers have turned to agents of darkness and promoters of anarchy; to the extent of advising Gen Muhammadu Buhari to “suspend rule of law for one year in order to fight corruption”. DARKNESS HAS BEFALLEN NIGERIA!!
Throughout the histories of the old and the new, rational territorial political leaderships had avoided triggering off widespread conflicts territorially or off territorially, while the irrational ones got drenched and consumed. Democratically speaking, avoidance of territorial violent conflicts is ensured at all times by rigidly sticking to the policies of good governance and rule of law; negative peace or absence of violence against innocent citizens; and positive peace or absence of structural violence (i.e. political and religious tolerance and inclusion; respect for identity values, political representation as well as equal access to power and resources).
As the saying goes: democracy may not be the best form of government but since the best form of government is yet to be found; democracy remains the best. Among the best modern theories of violence is Democratic Theory of Violence; which sacredly holds that Democracies do not or hardly go to war (violent conflicts) internally or externally except as a last resort, as case may be. Any democratic territory that chooses militarism and militarization as its cornerstone, as Gen Muhammadu Buhari has done, is a government in pieces.  
Further, China as one of the oldest countries in the world, dating back to over 3000 BC; during which its Legist School of Jurisprudence existed; sacredly sees conflict as an opportunity to change; meaning that conflict is naturally inevitable and becomes violent if irrationally and beastly managed; and constructive and transformative if rationally and conscientiously managed. Naturally speaking, just as agriculture and crime gave birth to today’s world and its institutions including government; so did foetal protest gave birth to childhood development and intra and inter personal dispute; which in turn, when ill-managed, gave birth to conflict; which further gave birth to violent conflicts or wars as we have them today; if poorly or destructively managed.
By modern military or war science, war (now called violent conflict under UN System) is any widespread lethal action against a population by a group involving the death of more than 999 persons. Violent conflict levied against a civilian or unarmed population by reason of their ethnic, political or religious identities; is regarded as heinous international crimes or crimes against humanity as well as fundamental breach of the Principles and Purposes of the United Nations.
On the other hand, if levied against an asymmetric or weaker armed target population, in total disregard to the Laws of War or Geneva Conventions of 1949 and its Protocols such as widespread attacks on non-military objects like women, the elderly, children, and other civilian populations, their dwelling, working or leisure facilities as well as places of worship; this is expressly regarded War Crimes.
The advocacy and technical analysis above is to bring to the fore the unwarranted, unprovoked, coordinated and systematic repression and radicalization of the Shiite Muslim worshi
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