BreakingNews 22/11/16 - Hon. Ibegbu Speaks On Trump`s Victory And His Africa Social Media Group AFOT

[ Masterweb Reports: Hon. Ibegbu Speaks On Trump`s Victory & AFOT ] - Chuks Ibegbu is the Nigeria Coordinator of Africa Friends Of Trump (AFOT). In this no-holds-barred interview, he looks into some issues concerning the recently concluded USA elections.


Q. Sir, may we know the objectives of AFOT?


A. AFOT, which is the abbreviation for Africa Friends of Trump, was formed way before the US presidential primary elections, and borne out of the phenomenon which Donald Trump’s presidency represents for America in particular and the world at large. It is a group of like-minded Africans who, having followed the United States’ elections closely and especially on how they particularly often bear on Africa, came together and agreed with voices from America that the need for a presidential candidate who is from outside the box of organized and controlled-by-few political establishment now far outweighs every other need in the present political transition. The singular aim of this organization is to bring home to Africa the very phenomenon which Donald J. Trump’s emergence will entail for Africans: to be able to persuade the citizens of each African country to vote for electoral candidates who are not part of the corrupt systems which have kept Africa grounded despite the abundance resource deposits and, in doing so, bring true and lasting political change which will interpretatively enthrone true democracy all over Africa. AFOT is a body for all pro good-governance Africans, no matter their location, color or tongue. Our full descriptive objectives is seen on our Facebook page,


Q. What role did AFOT play in the victory of Donald Trump?


A. Just as our Facebook group page clears, Africa Friends of Trump (AFOT) did not set out purposely and solely to support the election of Donald Trump. We, having studied the American electoral processes and having also considered the time in which we are, firmly believed that Americans were fed up with the status quo and were, therefore, in dire need of change. Now, who would have been in the better position to be taken seriously where the need and push for a new America is concerned if not Trump? He is an already-made man, was never in the system, and calls a spade a spade. So, you see, we didn’t set out primarily to support his emergence; we knew he would win. The Trump we are for is a phenomenon emanating from Donald Trump because we believed he was going to win for what he stood for. However, we played a role in his victory through our members some of who actively participated in hundreds of pro-Trump pages and forums; Akindele Olayomi Peter was amongst them. Some resident in the USA took it upon themselves to candidly persuade many Americans and non-Americans from both color and political divide on the urgent need for the type of change promised in the person of Trump. We also have members, people like Henrietta and Charles O. Okereke who were members of Trump’s campaign organization (TrumpTeam). An American solidarity anthem was also released by one of our member, Chief Charles Okereke long before the primaries were carried out.


Q. How will Africans benefit from the Trump Presidency especially with the insinuation that Trump hates blacks, immigrants and Muslims?


A. AFOT firmly believes that if America does well the world will do well because he is setting an example that will be emulated throughout Africa. He was not part of the system but he was chosen by Americans to bring the long-sought-for change. So, in Africa, looking at Trump’s victory, if we want a change, we will have to vote for and elect people who are entirely out of the system, out of the mess. We will have to vote those who are not part of the system that have messed everything up. The reason for this is because, the case of voting for people who are not part of the system is that they will either do well and bring the change they promised or they do not do well, whereas in the case of the old stock, the result cannot be different from what it has always been: they will take us one step forward, two steps back because they are part of the mess. That is the starting point: getting people who are not part of the establishment into elected offices. Take for instance America’s economy: America is now the most indebted country in the world whereas the financial records of those who have led her down this drain remain sparkling clean. What does that tell you? The people have suffered long under the establishment and needed change. They also believed that Trump will bring that change, not only to them, but to democracies the world over. This is the vision we are selling to all Africans: let us change the way we do things and Africa will be great. On the argument that president-elect, Donald Trump, hates blacks, immigrants and Muslims, well, that simply and clearly holds no sand; it is unfounded. Just as the USA is trumped, every African country needs to be trumped far beyond and above the old blocks and establishments. That will be our benefit.


Q. Some supporters of Hillary Clinton have been protesting Trump’s victory in all USA cities calling for her to be declared winner. What do you think about that?


A. (Laughs). My friend, you know, that is the beauty of democracy. Freedom of expression is the rights of every citizen of a democratic country and, in fact, the right of every citizen of this earth. However, where that freedom becomes misinterpreted is when those expressing themselves begins to get violent. By the way, what are they demonstrating about? Did Hillary win? No! Trump won the election! Those who think that majority (popular) vote gives a candidate the win in America is uninformed about America’s electoral process. The United States’ electoral win is based on winning a majority of the states and not winning a majority of the votes (which could come from one or two states). So, you see, there is absolutely ignorance in their protests: Trump won, Hillary conceded defeat and even the incumbent president, Barack Obama congratulated President-elect Donald Trump on his victory and invited him to White House without delay. Trump’s supporters are all over the place and they are not doing anything to unseat the calm in the country. They have quietly carried out their patriotic duties and voted for a better America. The way I see it, if you don’t want Trump to be your president, simply leave the country until his time finishes. You are part of the establishment, part of the problem.


To be continued


Interview by Africa Media Network


*Photo Caption - Hon. Chuks Ibegbu

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