BreakingNews 24/11/16 - Nigeria High Commission Deepens Crisis in Nigerian Community Ghana

[ Masterweb Reports: Imafidion Williams reports ] - There are strong indications of deepened crisis emerging from the involvement of the Nigeria High Commission in All Nigeria Community activities. This crisis is believed to have generated as a result of special alliance with an individual who is being regarded as the arc enemy of the community, Mr. Emmanuel Okeson.
This plaguing tale of All Nigerian Community Ghana (ANC- GH) requires a forceful gut to contain the revelations of Nigeria High Commission’s (NHC) undue interference that has deepened crisis within the Nigeria community.
Agitating Crisis
It was hard to believe that there was crisis in the ANC-GH at every stage of preparation toward smooth and peaceful election, but the high commission portrays the ANC-GH to the world to appear that there was ongoing heavy war in the community. Observing the genesis of the perceived crisis, it was gathered that the crisis emanated from the NHC- Emmanuel Okeson led faction, which was created by them to implement all plan in order to get the ANC-GH former President Mr. Owharo out of the office, and also ensure he did not win the election.

According to first paragraph of the press release provided by NHC, “In the interest of the unity of (within) the Nigeria community, which is paramount,” implementation of that particular phrase reflected in NHC’s appointment of the Interim Caretaker Committee whose individuals are neither qualified as members of ANC GH nor credible enough to manage the affairs of the association.

This development has heightened the scale of mistrust against NHC, which has been established within new twisted version of obligation that only favours Mr. Emmanuel Okeson group, against the interests of the majority of the members within the community.

This dissolution can only be pointed to serve self-interest of Mr. Okeson whose history of causing confusion and division in Igbo community, TASOF, TAN and ANC Ghana is well recognised in the Nigeria community.

Chief Vincent, President of Igbo Community Ghana indicated that the Nigeria High Commission has a purpose of destabilizing the community.

According to him, the high commission resolution is rather compromised and he believes there is someone influencing the embassy for his advantage. He believes that instead of proffering solution, using the approach of serving one faction interest would rather cause more.

In the process of resolving crisis in the community, and by instituting those that have controversial history as the heads of Igbo Community, the High Commission rather created more confusion, crises and deprives ANC-GH of its smooth transition.
“Nze Dennis Nwachukwu, with his alliances, has history of forging documents and forming parallel Igbo Community. He initially contested against me as the President of Igbo Community, Chief Vincent, and lost. Due to the unsatisfactory outcome of the election result, he rebelled against the Igbo community and formed a parallel Igbo Community.

This same individual was singlehandedly selected by the Nigeria High Commission. I am yet to know the purpose behind their decision of being being one sided, but I know it has a negative outcome.

Nze Dennis Nwachukwu, Emmanuel Ndubuisi, and Chief Mokwugwo deceived the Ghana government to perpetrate illegality. Having relationship with such rogues rather places the High Commission at very black spot” Chief Vincent concluded.

Partisan Attitude of the Nigerian high commission
The motivating force behind NHC’s pronouncement of ANC-GH executives’ dissolution was believed to be rooted in the gut of creating more division and crisis, an act that has rather attracted lots of opprobrium in the community and in Nigeria.

It is believed in many quarters that the illegal dissolution was a well-planned action by the High Commission and Mr. Okeson to destabilize the smooth elections of the ANC-GH.

Petition provided by Mr. Moses Owharo highlighted the acts of illegality by the Nigerian High Commission. This illegality has been in pursuance for over three (3) years since the arrival of Mr Abraham poko to the Nigerian High Commission, and has led to a continuous alliance with Mr Emmanuel Okeson to create illegal parallel Associations among Nigerian Communities (Igbo Community and the All Nigerian Community) for their parochial objectives of causing chaos and creating a semblance of crisis among the communities, in order to achieve their unknown personal interests.

This joint team has also refused that the associations account should be handed over to the executives since sworn into office in October 1st 2013, they have continued to disrupt the operations of the sitting executive through their continuous media propaganda and accusations which is unfounded, and the deliberate saboteur of project of the ANC-GH initiated by Owharo, but however had acknowledged an illegitimate faction headed by Mr. Emmanuel Okeson.

Her Excellency continuous support for Mr. Okeson group revealed during the induced dissolution of ANC-GH executives and handling over of the activities of the ANC-GH to a group that does not belong to the ANC-GH nor participate in the association’s activities at National Delegates Congress, Regional or District Congress where major decision are made.

This act has made some quarters in the community to conclude that NHC thrives in the disunity and crisis within the All Nigeria Community Ghana.

Nigeria High Commission Working Beyond their Jurisdiction
From understanding, and consultations from both lawyers, and Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, it was made to understand that the NHC committed “Ultravires” in the purported dissolution of executives and bypassing the ANC GH 2014 constitution, which is in used.

According to one of the executives, “as a registered association in accordance to the law of Ghana, ANC-GH operates within the regulation of Association act of the Republic of Ghana, and therefore is free from any encumbrances and interference from any institution or third party.

ANC-GH, as a sovereign, has it level of authority and modus of operation as enshrined in its constitution and as such the High Commission and or any member (s) of its staff do not have the legal right and authority to take such action on behalf of the ANC-GH National Delegate Congress which is the highest decision making organ of the Community in matters relating to dissolution of the executives as stipulated in article 110 of the 2014 ANC-GH constitution”.

Scraping 2014 ANC- GH Constitution to Review 2013 Constitution
Current ANC-GH Constitution was adopted in 2014 in the conference room of the NHC in May 30th, 2014, with National Delegates from 7 ANC-GH regions, National Association of Nigerian students (NANS-GH), National Association of Nigerian Traders (NUTAG), National Association of Nigerian Women and Members of the BOTs and Patrons.

Having adopted the 2014 Constitution at the Nigeria High Commission premises, NHC ill-advised (by Abraham Poko) order to revert to an old constitution is rather a recipe for crisis and disunity.

Financial Loss and Reputation Damages
ANC-GH started processes leading to the election of new Executives to the Community. Filing of nominations was made opened for contestants, aspirants had paid the fees and filed in their completed nomination forms, and they had been vetted and given approval to contest their various positions. To legitimize the process, the electoral commission of Ghana had printed ballots for the election; a date for election had been set by the Congress.

However, the undue interference of the Nigeria High Commission only causes more reputation damages on notable individuals who have put in their best to ensure that the process was followed.

In addition, the financial losses from the individuals who spend their monies on forms and campaign activities rather place them on defeating phase of reality.

Mr. Moses Owharo, Former ANC-GH President lamented, “ever since 2013 that I was inaugurated alongside other executives as the president, we have work to complement the Nigerian high commission and promoted the good image of Nigeria with little or no support from the Nigerian High Commission. We have been helping Nigerians in Ghana in various ways.

What the ANC-GH had asked from the High Commission was the use of their premises for the conduct of election, which they originally approved but later withdrew after their crony of Mr. Emmanuel Okeson and Abraham Poko had written a baseless premeditated petition.

The NHC deliberately denied the community the use of their premises for the commission to have alibi to justify their preconceived plans to disrupt the peace and unity of our dear community, even though the Ghana police report which says the community should go ahead to conduct their election as scheduled was submitted to the High commission”.

“I believe the Nigeria High Commission understands the responsibilities of standing for the majority, not the minority”, Mr. Moses Owharo, ANC-GH Former President concluded.

In conclusion, the task of an ambassador was summed up by Alain Plantey, the prominent French jurist, &l
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