Much Ado About Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) And APCON's Position

 [ Masterweb Reports: Chris Onyishi reports ] - I was glossing over a brother’s posts in the FACE BOOK recently and I stumbled over where he dropped a link to an article in the TheGuardian Nigeria, with the caption “Foreign Direct Investment: A Vote for APCON Reforms” which is credited to one Edwin Madueme. An excerpt from that article read thus: "The thing our government must do and urgently too, is to properly define who a foreign investor is. And for the avoidance of doubt, foreign investment does not include someone coming into the country to feed from values already developed and milk a market already ripe while funneling proceeds to his or her home country. A foreign investor is one (either an individual or a body corporate) with capital in terms of finance, technology or product capable of boosting the economy, generating income for the citizens and raising the standards of life in the........ Read More










*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT) 

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