BreakingNews 15/11/16 - Cataloging Nigeria`s Abandoned Children

[ Masterweb Reports: Perry Brimah reports ] - Pictures speak louder than words. Popular activist Jamil Mabai has embarked on a project to take beautiful pictures of Almajiri children in Nigeria's north. As many as 10 million northern children are out of school, abandoned to a beggars life as Almajiri. Jamilu uses his photography to show there can be beauty in everything, even in pain and suffering. His pictures bring the plight of Nigeria's Almajiri to a wider global audience. Jamil Mabai was recently locked up for criticizing the Katsina government's policies. He tweets from @jaymb000.



Perry Brimah ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - One of the Almajiri pictures taken by Jamil Mabai

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