BreakingNews 16/11/16 - Why does Biafra want separation from Nigeria? Seven reasons (Part 2-concluded)

[ Masterweb Reports: C. K. Ekeke report ] - In part-one of this series, I gave three reasons why Biafra wants to separate from the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  I briefly made argument for Nigeria’s flawed foundation, the vicious ethnic hatred, rise of jihadism and the senseless massacres of Christians especially Igbos in the North.
As I begin this second and concluding part, it is pertinent to alarm that Sharia legislation has passed Second Reading in the Federal House of Representatives.  This is a Bill designed to make criminal aspects of Sharia Court a State and Federal law.  That means Sharia Courts will be setup in all the States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 
What does this law portend for Nigeria, especially for Christians in Nigeria?  I’ll leave that question for our constitutional lawyers and legal scholars to answer it. 
However, for me, Sharia law and Sharia court are in direct violation of the nation’s constitutional democracy.  Nigeria is reputed to be a secular, multi-ethnic, multi-religious State.  Moreover, we do not have Christian courts in Nigeria.  Why in the world would the second branch of our government pass a law that violates and contradicts the constitution of Nigeria?  Is Nigeria an Islamic State or a secular nation?
The most annoying thing about all this; is that no single Legislator those elected to enact laws according to the Constitution of the Federation, challenged the Bill, which if instituted as federal law, will ultimately destroy Nigeria. 
In addition to the Sharia Bill, the National Assembly is also quietly debating the so-called “Grazing Bill,” which is designed to allow Fulani herdsmen to rear their cows and cattle any where in the federation.  Recently, we have seen cows and cattle being paraded all over the capital city of Abuja and recently, cows were seen in-front of the Central Bank and near the international airport Abuja.  
As I write, the Fulani herdsmen, whom the Sultan of Sokoto and all the Northern governors defended as foreigners are rampaging farmlands across many towns and villages in Nigeria, raping young girls, women including married women, and wasting innocent lives.
I often wonder, if we are truly human-beings or probably sub-humans as many White supremacists describe us.  And when I read and see how Buhari/APC government is going about governance in Nigeria, how he doesn’t give a damn about these issues and how the Nigerian masses are not reacting to these barbaric and senseless killings, I can only conclude that we have become a coward citizenry and subdued people or simply we are allowing President Mohammadu Buhari to govern us with impunity without exercising our rights to free speech as democratic citizens. Nigeria is not working under President Buhari.  It is so sad and shameful that we are being ruled like a banana republic.  What a shame and a sad situation!
Let leave the issue of Nigeria not working for next time and focus on the remaining four reasons among many other factors that are fueling Biafra agitation for self-determination and separation from Nigeria.
4.  Cultic rulers and corrupt politicians.
For the last fifty-five years, governance in Nigeria has been hijacked by a group of selfish, greedy, egoistic, vision-less, malicious, mischievous and treacherous rulers. Since Nigeria gained independence in October 1st, 1960, the nation has not had honorable men and women to pilot the affairs of the nation but cultic and corrupt individuals.  Nigeria has not really enjoyed any genuine political peace and national prosperity despite her enormous natural resources and abundant human capital that God endowed her with.  Instead, the country has been ruled and governed by military dictators and political opportunists that have denied the citizens basic needs of livelihood — such as food, housing, health, good road, drinkable water, electricity, and off-course things like order, peace,  and security which are the primary duties and functions of government.   
For fifty-six years since independence, Nigeria has had a military dictatorship, political hypocrisy, idolatrous religious system, and extravagantly indulgent corrupt judicial system that oppressed the poor, the less privileged and minority members of the federation.  In a nutshell, Nigeria’s rulers have failed to fulfill their basic obligations to the nation and its people.
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