BreakingNews 19/1/17 - Nasarawa Pension Bureau to begin e-transact system of payment, Filing

[ Masterweb Reports: Enna Godwin reports ] - In an effort to fish-out ghost pensioners as well as to ensure transparency in the pension administration, the Nasarawa State Pension Bureau has said that it would begin biometric Data Capturing of all pensioners in the state.


The state Director General of the Bureau, Alhaji Husseni Oseze plans were underway to invite Singaporean specialists to installed modern technological facilities that would track every transaction and movement of pensioners files in the state.


Alhaji Oseze was optimistic that with the new system to be introduced, the era of corruption and embezzlement in the system was over.


He said, aside from the fluctuating pension profile as well as the fraudulent activities in the system, there was no exact figure of what goes to the pensioners coffers monthly.


 According to the pension DG   “In fact, for the purpose of those people who were here before, records were not kept. Files were not kept properly they way they should. And the origin of records is the files, how do they pay pensioners? Everything was just scattered. There is no proper arrangement.


“So, I went first to informed the Governor of the situation. When the Governor came here he was disturbed for what he met here, there and then he gave an instance directive that I should lias with Commissioner of Land and Survey to maybe computerize the whole system for us to meet the taste of time. To me the taste of what we have in other state and nation as a pension organisation, and I was glad for that. He said the Land and Survey complaint the same thing previously, and if I see how they now maintain it, is super.


“So, I went and he took me round almost every section in that ministry. What they did there is in such a way that any transaction done record gets into the system to the executive and even the government house will have a record. So, the issue of fraud will not even come in. Even if you are paying one kobo the Governor will be aware. In the ministry, you discover that they have code on each and every file. That will track the movement of each transaction of a file. That is the system I want here, and I have succeeded in doing that.


“The Land and Survey invited the Singaporean that sold the system and installed it to them, and they invited them to visit us and have discussion with them, taking them round to commence installation. They are in town purposely for us. Is that not an achievement? Is that not the system that will put this place in order and in right track? Is it not the system that would stop corruption and embezzlement? It is something you can’t temper with it." He said.


Enna Godwin ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Capttion - Map of Nasarawa State

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