Harrassment, Wrong Detention And Deportation of Nigerians in Kenya

 [ Masterweb Reports: Dr.Chukwu Obasi reports ] – The Kenyan Authorities of immigration, CID and police officers are frequently harassing Nigerian citizens residing in Kenya and other West African Nationals. They have arrested and detained over 30 Nigerians and other West African nationals in recent days and arranging to deport them.  The Authorities have branded every Nigerian and West Africans in Kenya a drug trafficker. This recent endless harassment which started a month ago when the newly installed president of Kenya H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta directive that all foreigners suspected to be a drug dealer should be deported, since then so many Nigerians have suffered dearly on the hands of immigrations, CID and police officers who have taken it upon their daily routine jobs in hunting for Nigerians or West Africans, either to extort money from them or mere harassment and intimidation.


Within this week alone over 30 Nigerians have been arrested and detained in various police stations and branded illegal immigrants or drug traffickers without any proof of what they are accused of. They are all awaiting to be taken to court on Monday the 15th of July for prosecution. In my view it is not hard to catch a drug dealer or trafficker red handed, than just arrest someone on mere suspicion. It is also very sad that the newly Jubilee Government is out to target Nigerians on the name of drug menace clean up. If anything there is more Kenyans in drug business than foreigners, yet not even a single Kenyan has been arrested and prosecuted. The daily harassment of Nigerians and West Africans citizens  may escalate beyond control, considering the fact that there are so many Kenyans residing in Nigeria and in other  West Africa countries too, what will it look like if Nigeria Government or other west African Nations retaliated by deporting Kenyans? Many of the Nigerians are married with children and they have trading businesses in Kenya.


If this kind of attitude is not stopped then the newly formed Government of Uhuru Kenyatta is playing with his foreign policy and relation because it is no more a hiding fact that many Nigerians and West Africans have been highly harassed, detained and deported.  Most of them live in fear. Their love one’s, wives and children are subjected to sleepless nights, worried of their bread winners (Father & husband). It is very sad indeed that a friendly nation like Kenya can treat their fellow Africans in an inhuman manner on the name of drug clean up. If such humiliating behavior is not brought to a halt, I am afraid it may lead to more embarrassing situation than that of the deportation of Chinedu saga and three others.Nigerian citizens and other West African Nations are no more safe in Kenya. They live on the mercy of the Kenyan security agents who have turned the president directive as money making industry by either extort money from the victims or deport them in return. Who can save this ugly situation.


Dr.Chukwu Obasi ( dr.obasichukwu@gmail.com ).


*Photo Caption – Map of Kenya

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