BreakingNews 23/1/17: Peter Obi Joined Former Ruling Party-PDP Knocking Down Igbo Ladders

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Mr. Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State accused detractors of plotting to pitch him against President Muhammadu Buhari. In a statement by his media aide, Mr. Val Obienyem, Obi said those behind his leaving his former political party, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), were responsible for the plot. What is clear to the general public is that Obi governed Anambra well. Masterweb declared him one of the best governors in Nigeria after their team embarked on a tour of Anambra State in 2011. What is not clear is the colour Obi will take on national level either as federal appointee
or elected official.
Some elements may have been responsible for Obi’s exit from APGA but not his entry into People's Democratic Party (PDP) because there were many other parties he would have joined, including United Progressive Party (UPP). The truth was that he calculated that Goodluck Jonathan would win the election being the incumbent as no sitting president ever lost re-election in Nigeria. Obi foresaw juicy appointment coming his way with Jonathan’s victory. He joined PDP for his personal interests and not those of Ndigbo - his reason for not pushing for the inclusion of Igbo owned news media in Jonathan’s campaign organization where he was Deputy Director-General. Yoruba owned news media saturated the rank and file of the campaign while Igbo outfits withered with Obi destroying the ladder of ascension.  Some of these Igbo news media meritoriously served Obi during and after his tenure as governor but were locked out of PDP presidential campaign bounty. Why should they not partake in Jonathan’s bounty considering the fact Obi may have short-changed them in the past? He either did not pay them or underpaid them for their services before his entry into PDP.
Most Igbo leaders become self-centered once given federal appointments as opposed to appointees from other regions who put sectional interests first. This is where Obi stands. If the preceding statement is wrong, he (Obi) should start doing things from his ‘refuge’ PDP that will point in the opposite direction.
Pius Anyim was given a petition affecting a victimized Igbo scholar (Charles O. Okereke) by Ohanaeze for delivery to then President Goodluck Jonathan and nothing was heard of the document to-date.Anyim did not communicate to Ohanaeze whether or not he delivered the petition ( ) and accompanying Encyclopedia of National Anthems to Jonathan. He remained silent to the group (Ohanaeze) that nominated him for the office of Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF). What a shame!
If federal appointments are empowerment and development, Igboland would be better than what it is today. Who really cares if President Buhari accords Igbos more federal appointments to reflect federal character? Those that expect to benefit from such appointments, their families and friends care but not the general masses, including those agitating for Biafra. The activities of MASSOB, IPOB and other Biafran groups precede Buhari and cannot be solved with more federal appointments to Igbos. Bad governance resulting to unemployment and strangulating economy are responsible for all agitations and militancy in Nigeria. The states are as responsible as the federal government for these societal ills emanating from incompetence and corruption. 
Peter Obi even though performed above standard as governor, knocked down the Igbo ladder just like others before him during his ‘shelter’ and appointments in PDP. What Igbos need are good governance and representation, and not federal appointments that on the aggregate have not benefited them. Igbos should not be deceived by politicians who failed Ndigbo as public servants and now decamping to APC and shouting “change”.  Nothing has changed about these people and as such cannot bring positive change to Nigeria and Igboland. They are courting IPOB and MASSOB for their selfish ends towards 2019 election – just ignore them.
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