MasterwebNews 28/1/17 - What should be done to Diezani after she returns loot?

[ Masterweb Reports: Hafsah Abubakar Matazu reports ] - Diezani Alison-Madueke, former Petroleum Minister under former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is to forfeit the sum of $153,310,000 to the Federal government. The funds were allegedly looted and stashed in the banks. According to the court ruling, the money which the former minister is accused of  siphoning from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) will be temporarily forfeited to the Federal Government pending its prove of legitimacy or otherwise. Daily Trust asked Nigerians what they consider as appropriate punishment for what she has done.


Maryam Mohammed, 34, IDP, Bama, Borno State


The money she stole belongs to the Nigerian people and even if she returns it, she has already betrayed the trust of the people she served and God will definitely punish her for that. I cannot imagine how your conscience will allow you to gain a position of power and then take advantage of the public like that. If she has or intends to return the stolen funds, then afterwards she should be brought to justice before the courts and get a minimum sentence of two years in prison.


Okuma Solomon, 27, unemployed


If she is truly remorseful for her actions and returns the money, she served this nation so I think she deserves to be pardoned for what she has done. I am not a lawyer but I believe the judiciary knows best how to handle her case, so whatever course of action they choose is okay with me. We are all human and make mistakes, some worse than others, so if she is sorry for what she has done, that is what matters.


Ifeanyi Eze, 34, designer


The law will determine what her punishment should be. What she did is corruption, so even if the law says she should be sentenced to death, then so be it, that is why the constitution is there. But again, why should there be a possibility of her going scot-free when I am here suffering because of her selfish actions?


Abraham Augustin, 25, undergraduate


The masses have suffered and the country is in the situation it is now because of what these people have done. Once she has returned the money and has been taken to court, the Federal Government should use her as a scapegoat so that any other person with intentions to steal public funds will remember her as a lesson. She should be locked up for a span of ten years and seize all the properties she acquired with the stolen funds.


Ali Habu, 34, mechanic


First of all, when she returns the money, it should be used for purposes that will benefit each and every Nigerian. Diezani should be punished for her crimes according to the law. She is a human being too and so not above it. If she is to be imprisoned, then she should also have the right to bail too. All I want is for every person, regardless of who he or she is to be charged for his or her crimes accordingly without exceptions.


*Photo Caption - Diezani Alison-Madueke, former Petroleum Minister

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