BreakingNews 31/1/17 - Man runs naked in Abuja

[ Masterweb Reports: Taiwo Adeniyi reports ] - Abuja: A middle-aged man on Thursday alighted from a taxi, pulled off his clothes and started running. He ran naked for over two kilometres before he stopped, looking confused. The incident which happened at about 2.00 p.m. around Chida junction, Utako, shocked onlookers in the area, with some claiming he was under ‘spiritual attack’ while others saying he could be on drugs.
“He alighted from a taxi, removed all his clothes including underwear, placed his phones on the clothes and started running,” a witness who didn’t want to be named said.
The witness said the man may not have been on drugs and that he may also not be insane as he regained his senses before he got to Jabi traffic intersection.
“After he returned to his senses, he hid behind a vehicle trying to cover himself until some fellows took his clothes to him,” he said, adding that the man confessed that that was not the first time something like that had happened to him.
“He left here about 15 minutes ago. But he was calm and sober having recovered from whatever had happened to him,” he said.
Another resident who simply gave his name as Bayo, said the case was not reported at any police station as the man said he was suffering from a condition that defied medical diagnosis.
He said when one of the sympathisers offered to take him to a pastor, he refused saying that he knows where to go for treatment.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

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