MasterwebNews 15/3/17 - United Progressive Party (UPP) national convention holds April

[ Masterweb Reports: Saawua Terzungwe reports ] - The United Progressive Party (UPP) has slated April, 2017, for its national convention where new leaders of the party would emerge. UPP national chairman, Chief Chekwas Okorie in a statement said it is also in consideration of what he termed the spate of injustice, alienation, inequality, nepotism and abuse of state power that the party has resolved to convene its national convention in April.
Okorie, a former presidential candidate on the UPP platform explained that the convention would also ratify the party’s amended manifesto which incorporates provisions for restructuring of Nigeria, true federalism, devolution of power, fiscal federalism, State Police/Community Policing, referendum and self-determination of Nigeria’s ethnic nationalities.
“The new UPP manifesto shall be the social contract between our political party and the Nigerian people. Nigeria’s federating units must be allowed to develop at their own pace. They must be able to explore and exploit their corporative advantages for the benefit and welfare of their people.
“We therefore, wish to state that the 2019 general election in Nigeria shall be a direct contest between those who accept restructuring as the panacea for the survival of Nigeria and those who choose to maintain the status quo,” the party said.
*Photo Caption - UPP logo

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