MasterwebNews 20/4/17 - Governor Yahaya Bello And The Challenges Of Governing Kogi State

[ Masterweb Reports: Comrade Ahmed Omeiza Lukman reports ] - Kogi State is one of the least developed state in Nigeria. Honestly, when the young man took over the mantle of leadership in the State, the challenges were enormous. The State was in total shamble, dwindling revenue allocation from the federal government, huge debt left by the previous government, total decay of infrastructure and lack of basic social amenities.


The government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello in a bid to save the state from collateral damage and ensure it future is secured, then decided to embark on the verification of Kogi state civil servant. This was a wise decision, though painful, but things must change for good, at least for once in the history of the State. This bold step by the Governor, must be commended by all well wishers of the State.


The truth is that things has never been done in the right way before, so it becomes even very difficult for the most sincere government to achieve anything meaningful
within the shortest period of time. The question most Kogite ask is why has the workers screening exercise lasted for over one year? And when is it coming to an end? Yes, to everything that has a beginning, must surely have an end. I must confess that the first and second screening committee's were compromise and therefore put the good intention of the Governor to a credibility test. The zeal and determination of the Governor, having realized the fact that the report of the committee might had been compromise, immediately set up another committee for a
holistic review of the entire workers verification exercise.


We must give credit to the Governor and also appreciate the patience and peaceful manners of Kogi state workers, who will surely reap the reward for their perseverance. To the saboteurs, your days are numbered and God will sure put you all to shame, the truth shall be out in no distant time. One must confess that with the dwindling revenue allocation from the federal government, the state government has been able to make great impact in other sectors. The health sector has been given a face lift, the educational sector is also undergoing massive renovation and new
structure are been erected on a daily basis. There are so many road construction going on in Kabba, Okene and Dekinna axis of the State.


The issue of security has been brought under control, as their is no safe heaven for criminals anymore in Kogi State. Finally, we need to commend Governor Yahaya Bello for taking the bull by the horn not to share the state allocation with the cabals. This single act was and still remain the best for the state. If we fail to take critical decision now to move the state forward, we might have to live to regret the future of our dear State.


Comrade Ahmed Omeiza Lukman, (Former Chairman Nigeria Community In
Ukraine; Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - Governor Yahaya Bello

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