NewsReel August 8, 2013 - Joint Call For Decentralization of Concentration of Socio-economic Activities In Lagos, Nigeria

 [ Masterweb Reports: Joint Statement BY Intersociety, MASSOB & Civil Liberties Organization ] – Following the controversies and unceasing condemnations trailing the internal deportation of 72 Nigerian citizens of Igbo-Lagos extraction by the Government of Lagos State and its ruling party,  now called All Progressives Congress, the International Society for  Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law, the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra and the Anambra State Branch of the Civil Liberties Organization, today in Onitsha Nigeria, call for immediate decentralization of the age-long concentration of socioeconomic activities in Lagos State and de-monopolization  of same as “the economic capital of Nigeria”.


Our joint call is made after critical assessment of circumstances on the ground including defenses put forward by the Government of Lagos State and its APC in which it among other things, blamed the Nigerian citizens of Igbo extraction for flocking, flooding and stressing Lagos State and its population. The State and its APC party also submitted controversially that Igbo-Lagosians are responsible for 100% of violent and syndicate crimes committed in the State.  It said that Igbo-Lagosians are involved in advance fee fraud (419), kidnapping, armed robbery, assassination, etc. It is in view of this that this joint hallowed and informed call is made.  The conclusion drawn by the spokesmen of the Government of Lagos State and its APC also raises serious fear over the possibility of inclusion of violent criminals among   72 citizens dumped in Onitsha at 3: am, at the hours of blue law, especially the 54 escaped deportees.


However, our joint call is in no way extricating the Government of Lagos State and its APC from its malicious, atrocious and grossly unconstitutional act.  “The hallmark of a modern government, as espoused by Thomas Hobbes, is not measured by a number of high rising buildings or tarred roads with flowering roadsides or number of exotic cars driven by its infinitesimal rich/privileged class. Rather, it is measured by how the welfare of the downtrodden including citizens with disabilities is being catered for through government humane social programs and actions. It is in no way measured by government inhumane social programs and actions such as internal deportation of citizens from one federating unit to another. A country without downtrodden is not a country. This is because it is the welfare of the downtrodden that originally brought government into existence. Another name for government is Destitute Social Welfare “.-Says Emeka Umeagbalasi today in Onitsha Nigeria.


Evicting hawkers, petty traders, beggars and the physically and mentally challenged from the streets and roads in order to beatify them is like deforestation that destroys the only source of oxygen meant for human survival. Their presence in well-secured public places is the real beauty of a country and the traditional monument of the origin of government. Social living condition is propelled not by man, but by nature.  A less privileged citizen today can become a privileged citizen tomorrow and a privileged citizen today can be less privileged citizen tomorrow. The issue of being a destitute or less privileged also has individual and corporate connotations. In other words, there also exists corporate destitute and corporate privileged. For instance, China is a corporate destitute of yesterday and a corporate privileged country of today. Nigeria was a corporate privileged State in the 1970s, today, it is a corporate destitute.


Punishing a citizen because he or she is a destitute is a crime against humanity and amounts to playing God. In the major streets of the USA, for instance, destitute including lepers, the mentally challenged and beggars still abound. In all her airports, the physically challenged are treated as primus inter pares or first among equal. They are placed in the category of vulnerable class, cared and catered for at all times. During sightseeing visits organized for international visitors in the USA, “destitute in the streets” including drug addicts, lepers, beggars and mentally challenged are shown and introduced as part of the great US society and foundation upon which the US Government exists. Their resettlement and rehabilitation centers are also included as part of American great monuments for sightseeing visitors”.


The great civil rights struggles of 1960s in the USA were also propelled by people hitherto called “American Destitute Class”, from which the present US President emerged.  The Catholic Destitute Rehabilitation Center in Huntsville, Alabama, the Destitute  Food Center in Seattle, the Washington State and the  Girls Incorporation in Huntsville,  Alabama, to mention but a few, are all part of the US  great monuments and epitome of  her greatness. The white section of the South African society, which leads the African Continent in terms of socioeconomic governance transformation, was founded by the European destitute and prisoners.  Sadly, the Lagos State version of destitute welfare, which has spread to River State,  is the Onitsha Upper Iweka Flyover, which was randomly and militarily  created at 3: am, at the hours of  blue law”-further says Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board of Trustees Chairman of Intersociety Nigeria.


In view of the foregoing, therefore, it is about time Lagos State’s age-long monopoly of Nigeria’s socioeconomic capital got broken and decentralized. To this extent, it is our demand that the Southeast Governors Forum and other core stakeholders should hold talks with the Federal Government of Nigeria so as to get the foreign missions in the country particularly those of Europe, North American, India, China and other Southeast Asia and the Gulf Cooperation Council to open their consulate offices in Enugu for visa procession and obtainment and related issues. A situation whereby the South-east and the South-south Nigerian citizens have to travel to Lagos to obtain visas for international travels is not only condemned but also amounts to diplomatic enslavement.  Also traveling to overseas through Lagos is not only death-prone, but also harsh and wicked policy that must be reversed. The upgrading of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport is a welcome development, but it is not enough. Efforts must be made to equip it and make it to wear the outlook of a modern international airport so as to meet international aviation qualities to be able to attract not cabin coffins but internationally certified healthy aircrafts.


Having an international airport is not enough if access routes to it are not provided and maintained at all times. To this extent, it is our joint call that the Onitsha-Enugu and the Enugu-Port Harcourt Dual Carriage Ways, which are now death-traps, should be reconstructed as a matter of uttermost immediacy. For immediate and effective utilization of the international airport, the five States of the Southeast should jointly fund the reconstruction of the two important roads and seek for refund from the Federal Government of Nigeria later. There is also need to decongest and decentralize Lagos wharfs. In view of this, cargoieing container goods to Port Harcourt wharfs, which are more friendly and convenient for traders of the Southeast and the South-south zones, should be encouraged and intensified.


There should also be proper dredging of the River Nigeria and construction of medium size wharf in Onitsha as part of the decongestion and decentralization of the Lagos economic capital monopoly. For easy conveyance of goods and services to Onitsha, Nnewi and Enugu, a connecting bridge should be built between the Ogwuikpere- Ogbaru part of Anambra State and the Ndoni part of River State, which, when built, will shorten the distance between Port Harcourt, River State and Onitsha,  Anambra State  to about  one  and a half hours as against seven hours drive from Lagos to Onitsha, Anambra State.


In addition to existing industrial layouts in the Southeast zone, there shall be established new ones to be decentralized and sited in Anambra, Imo, Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi States and they should be provided with modern industrial incentives such as roads, power station, human, physical and policy security as well as tax concessions. Entrepreneur Igbo-Lagosians should begin to divest and invest in their ancestral zone. This is in line

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