BreakingNews 7/6/17 - Nigeria pays N375m to whistleblowers

[ Masterweb Reports: Hamisu Muhammad reports ] - Nigeria's Ministry of Finance has confirmed release of N375.8m to the first batch of 20 providers of information under the Whistleblower Policy.


The payment, of various amounts totaling N375,875,000, relate to the recovery of N11,635,000,000, a statement from the Ministry of finance signed by the Director of Information, Salisu Na’inna Dambatta said.


The Minister for Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun stated: "This payment, which is the first under the Whistleblower Policy, underscores the commitment of the President Muhmmadu Buhari-led administration in meeting obligations to information providers under the Whistleblower Policy. The policy is an essential tool in the fight against corruption."


She further disclosed recent amendments to the Whistleblower Policy which includes the introduction of a formal legal agreement between information providers and the Federal Government, which is executed by the Minister of Justice (Attorney-General of the Federation).


Procedures have also been introduced to ensure the protection of the identity of information providers during the payment process.


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