BreakingNews 24/8/17 - Governor Shettima becomes voluntary teacher

[ Masterweb Reports: Uthman Abubakar reports ] - Governor Kashim Shettima and all political office holders in Borno State will now take up volunteer teaching jobs in the primary and secondary schools aimed at the rapid restoration of the state’s primary and secondary education from its Boko Haram ravaged state.


Governor Shettima announced the programme yesterday in Maiduguri while swearing in 17 newly appointed special advisers and chairmen and deputies of 24 local government transition teams.


Under the Volunteer Teaching Programme, all political office holders and other civil or public servants ate to adopt primary and secondary schools of their choices for the purpose of teaching the pupils on a number of days per week, to sufficiently complement the efforts of the lean teaching force following the killing of many teachers by Boko Haram over the last seven years.


"These teachers of circumstances are first to enroll as volunteers before they would be trained for the job by the National Teachers Institute. They would then be given work-free days from their primary places of work to enable them go to their respective choice schools to teach," he said.


*Photo Caption - Governor Kashim Shettima



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