BreakingNews August 11, 2013 - Femi Fani Kayode's Gaffe And Bigotry On Lagos Deportations

 [ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Chinedu  Nwobu reports ] – Many Nigerians would qualify to be rebranded a different species of Homo sapiens   totally separate from all other human species. The evidence of these unusual phenomena is obvious in the uncommon absurdities, the monumental injustice, the sheer wickedness, the groundswell of hate and the self destruction with which the nation is defined.  Added to this is the total and abject failure of Nigeria   in spite of Olympian endowments in human and material resources.  There is no other nation on the face of the earth with Nigeria’s endowments that has failed as much as Nigeria neither is there any precedent in human history.  Nigeria is thus a human and historical exception in failure.


But wait a minute;  Nigeria is not inhabited by animals, Nigeria is inhabited by human beings and led by human beings many of whom unfortunately like the Femi  Fani Kayode’s  of this world might not even be human at all or even if they are human  constitute a different species.  It is such abnormal beings  that  have broken the world record of making a richly endowed nation the greatest experiment in failure ever known to man.  And thus nothing works, even though we have everything that should make it work, and thus we are only capable of hate including self hate, which is why a councillor or local government chairman will steal and deprive the very community he or she comes from, the governor will steal and deprive the state he comes from, the president will steal and deprive the nation he comes from, and thus we engage in nothing other than self destruction as the world watches in amazement. It is not surprising that Nigeria has produced more sadists and more mass killers than Adolf Hitler.


Not even animals have ever been known to indulge in the level of self destruction and perfidy associated with Nigeria. Animals do take responsibility for their children/ siblings, they don’t kill their own kind and they have a social structure and community that is recognisable in the herds of a kind that often throng together. Nigeria has thus proven to be even more debased than animals have ever been capable off and the reason is clear; the quality of humanity of many Nigerians which has in turn influenced their character and the way they think. There have been suggestions in some quarters that many Nigerians are mentally disturbed and thus lunatics, but even mad persons do have basic common sense which is something that is totally absent in many of these characters that have vandalised the nation.


One of such characters is Femi Fani Kayode,  a relevance seeking  opportunist  who is  fond  of  jumping into every national  issue and almost always  injecting tribalism into simple issues  of citizenship or social justice as his strategy of finding relevance. Being incapable of being objective or constructive, his articles/utterances are often full of contradictions and sometimes outright nonsense.  He has nonetheless carved a niche for himself as a disrespectful talkative loudmouth and one of the rabidly bigoted/ignorant Nigerians who thrive in fanning the flames of the “tribalism industry.”  The recklessness and   illogicality’s he brings to bear on issues of national  importance  no doubt marks him out as one of those  many Nigerians who should be rebranded a different  species of humanity responsible for Nigeria’s damning predicament.  Nowhere is this more demonstrated than his take in the constitutional issue of deportation of persons from Lagos, which he has characteristically and laughably chosen to make a tribal issue. A man of Fani Kayode’s education is ordinarily expected to be able to distinguish between emotional issues and constitutional issues, he is also expected to like a member of a jury be capable of good judgement on the side of justice devoid of sentiments for the simple reason that as the saying goes “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”.   But Fani Kayode found it impossible to exercise good judgement, because he belongs to the group who thrive in the “tribalism industry” and in the suffering  of Nigerians including his own people.


The illegality of the action of the Lagos state government in the deportation of person should be obvious even to the layman.  Nigeria has a constitution which spells out very clearly the rights of every Nigerian to reside wherever they chose in any part of the nation without let or hindrance.  In violation of this constitutional right Governor Fashola started a campaign of institutional kidnapping (arresting and holding persons against their will) and deportation of persons to several states within Nigeria. At the last count Fashola has deported people to several Northern states, to Oyo, Ogun states and recently to Onitsha where at the dead of night persons some of whom were from Edo state, Delta and Kogi states were dumped.  Some of the deported persons were reportedly lunatics who could not communicate or express themselves and it is possible that some of them might even be from Lagos state or elsewhere. 


The pretext is that the deported persons are homeless and destitute who were repatriated to reunite them with their family; but you don’t hold people against their will/constitutional rights and dump them at night along the road and claim to be reuniting them with their families. Government exists to provide for the most downtrodden and impoverished in society. It is the responsibility of government to invest in creating jobs, opportunities, and to rehabilitate the downtrodden including the disabled in their respective jurisdictions and not to deport them.  In all normal and well governed societies, government has a massive budget of social welfare with which they provide for social housing, unemployment allowances for those who have no jobs, disability allowances, medical cards and other varieties of social aid.


There are thousands of technically destitute Nigerians residing in Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and elsewhere who have been housed by the government in council houses and who depend on their livelihood from social welfare payments and other benefits. The government of those countries have not deported   Nigerians back to Nigeria because they are destitute and dependent on the government to survive in line with the logic of Lagos state government and their enablers like Fani Kayode.  If Fashola was so interested in resolving the issue of destitution he could have shown an example by rehabilitating  indigenes of his state, but it is not on record anywhere that Fashola has provided social housing, unemployment benefits, medical insurance  and other social aid to poor indigenes of Lagos state. It is thus evident that what Fashola has manifested is  the  usual  sadism and wickedness of Nigerian leaders and their disdain for the poor and downtrodden. 


In light of the tragedy of the deportations, it is shameful  but not surprising  given  his antecedents that  Fani Kayode descended so low as to make it a tribal issue when he said  amongst others that “ the Ibos where  given back  their properties when they returned to Lagos after  the Nigeria-Biafra war, and that while Ibos have been free to invest in Lagos  the East has not allowed the Yoruba’s to invest there”.  This is the extent of ignorance, bigotry and deceit Fani Kayode brought to an issue that has to do with justice and constitutionality. In the first place it is preposterous for Fani Kayode to reduce the tragedy of the Biafran war to returned properties  when  it is obvious that the needless lives lost is more valuable than properties, it is also obvious that the Biafrans who were  willing to fight and die in that conflict would have preferred to have Biafra and loose the so called properties rather  than the situation in Nigeria today with all the injustice, oppression  and  bigotry people like him have  sowed  which is why after the millions of lives lost to keep the nation together there  are still people like him insisting that it was right to deport Nigerians in their own country.


The injustice and genocide of Biafra is an open sore which should continue to haunt people like Fani Kayode because his kith and kin participated in the mass slaughter to usurp the inalienable rights of a people to self determination (he himself has severally advocated a sovereign national conference) recognised   under international law in the United Nations charter which could have been determined through democratic means by holding a plebiscite or referendum.

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