MasterwebNews 28/7/17 - Peoples Democratic Party And Resurrection

[ Masterweb Reports: Bashir Abba Sharif reports ] - By the sanctity of its hummer, the Supreme Court has, at long last, decisively decided on the overstretched litigation between the two warring factions of the People`s Democratic Party. Delivered recently, the judgment has it that the Makarfi faction is the authentic and therefore legitimate leadership of the crisis ridden party, consigning the claim of Ali Modu Sharff to the domain of history. Needless to say, the judgment is both exciting and nostalgic, with many celebrating what many lament. After all, as democracy is a matter of choice, the court also has to decide one way or the other.
However, beyond the sadness and joy of those that stand by their entitled preference, the import of the judgment is significant for many reasons. In the first place, it abhors and moved to curtail, more than ever, the absurd manipulation by our politicians to exploit the inherent weaknesses of the judicial process by blatantly using technicalities, including moving from one court to another on same issue, to unduly delay proceedings knowing that they will remain in office for as long as the case lasts. More often than not, this attitude forces the court to give technical instead of substantial social justice, leaving the victim with the feeling of being robbed of justice and, as a result, the motivation to explore other means to express dissent, to regain and emphasize self respect.
Secondly, it adds value to the unique position of the judiciary in having the last word in all disputes. The Supreme Court has now implanted in the doubting Thomas that it can mediate conflicts before they subvert, with impunity, the rule of law. It is instructive that, by the immediate gesture of Ali Modu, the ruling remains, even if outwardly, accepted as sacrosanct while Makarfi has taken over the affairs of the party without any hindrance or encumbrances, making the PDP the overall winner. The party now has the chance to develop a coherent representative template that can shape and channel popular preferences into government.
Thirdly, the judgment impliedly admonished party stakeholders that the era of impunity, where imposition and excessive use of money held sway, should be phased out if democracy were to be deepened in the country. Lesson is now learnt that, irrespective of real and imagined profile, the PDP must now reconstruct its legitimation and the basis on which to seek for power again. It must be sufficiently democratic, in all manners and characteristics, to not only justify its appellation but also the trust and confidence that every political party yearns for.
Assuming that the PDP would do the needful, including taking a little more than its share of the blame for loading an inept administration over the country before now, apologize for the catastrophic consequences and regain the confidence of Nigerians, it can pose serious challenges to the ruling All Progressives Congress in some states.
Admittedly, the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has, within the two years it has been in office, recorded monumental achievements that, for a long time to come, will remain indelible on the minds of Nigerians. Even by international standard, the administration is being commended for substantially subduing the insurgency that, before now, had forcefully taken control of the North East, apart from catastrophic strikes on soft targets across the country like Friday congregation at Kano Central mosque. We can also notice how, by serious commitment, the administration elevated our food security situation to over 75% from mere 26% during the former administration. Other areas where it has, to the delight of many, done so well, in spite of institutional odds, include the anti-corruption crusade, Single Treasury Account regime and gradual control over the economy.
However, what one finds in some of the APC states is lack of moderation, that licenses abuse of power and flagrant disregard for due process and the rule of law. Out of this scenario, a bizarre dichotomy of wholesome and half cast members is wantonly created, where the former are being involved wholesomely and the later disregarded and denied what legitimately belongs to them. Indeed, the situation of the half cast members of the party is a metaphor of a recalcitrant child destined to be cramped and diminished. With the assumed PDP resurrection, the half cast in those states are most likely to bring their current situation into focus, and decide how they can survive and become relevant.
Sounding simplistic, this challenge is real and must therefore not be taken lightly by the APC, especially as the states in question cannot again ride the waves that they did not initiate, at the time of need.
Bashir Abba Sharif
N0 4C, Marhaba Road, Farm Center, Kano.
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