NewsReel August 23, 2013 - Stop Igbo Bashing in Lagos: A Rejoinder

  [ Masterweb Reports: Barr. Yomi Dada reports ] –  I write a rejoinder in respect of the above stated caption on the article written by a Clement Udegbe, who claims to be a Lawyer. What is quite clear from his outpouring can only be taken as a sad presentation of a not too deep thinking person. His vituperation on the issues of Igbo indigenes in Lagos State under the governance ot Babatude Raji Fashola (BRF) (SAN) did not present the case as it should be by a discerning mind. All Clement has done is raise the dust of ethnic sentiments that did not take cognisance of the facts.


In the first instance, his attack on BRF with portrayal of him being tribalistic is very far from the facts and truth. In fact, BRF’s love and friendship for the persons from the igbo ethnic group is known very far and wide. I sometimes times even think BRF prefers Igbos as friends to other tribes. This is delving into the person of BFR not the office he occupies. To be totally truthful, BRF has no ethnic bias.


Now to the issues at hand, I will expect Mr. Clement Udegbe to be more circumspect in his expressions on the issues concerning ethnicity in Nigeria. The igbos have never had any part of Nigeria give them hospitality more than that experienced in the South West of Nigeria, most especially Lagos. This pre-dates the era of BRF. I know as a boy growing up in Surulere area of Lagos, we had multiple enthnic friends at that time we never enthnicised our friends. Even when the civil war was upon us, our parents were friends to our friends’ parents. We shared schools and many more things with ourselves. It was trully one Nigeria. This was the scenerio then and BRF was a product of that era.


Now taking the grieviances of Mr. Udegbe serially, it can be noticed that he has dovetailed his point of attack from ethnicity to governance. He has mentioned in steps the “offences” Lagos State under BRF is deemed to have committed against the Igbos. In a more cursory look into his outburst, it clearly dispicts that Mr. Udegbe wants lawlessness to be embraced and encouraged as long as it is committed by the person of the Igbo origin. He wants Lagos State to allow them to turn Ladipo market to an environmental menace. I for one believe quite frankly that Lagos State under BRF is even lenient to allow that place to exist. It is a complete eyesore and a monumental shame for such environmental debacle to exist in any city in the 21st Centuary under the guise of spare parts selling martket. Where in any civilized society will this be allowed? Clement also mentioned Alaba market, Ojo. I can only feel a sense of deep loss and bow my head in utter despair if Clement who claims to be a Lawyer can hail such collosal abuse and illegality to perpetuate. He wants Lagos State to turn a blind eye to rascality, armed banditory, danger to lives and properties and all the very obvious social ills precipitated by the traders of Alaba just because they are of Igbo origin.


To clearly mark himself out as a flat and dangerous thinker, Clement now dwelled on the issue of banning Okada (motorcycle transportation)  for public use in Lagos State. Nothing can be more mischievious. I personally believe Lagos State took too long in placing such segemented not total ban. It was an act of reckless governance for the ban to have been dragged before it was pronounced and enforced. I still believe all those who have been killed and those who have been maimed from Okada accidents should have their families and next-of-kin institute a class action against Lagos State for allowing the use of Okada within the State for public Transportation for commercial gain at all. I will not want to even give evidence of ban of the same Okada in the South-South and South East way before Lagos State woke up to its responsibilty. To Clement those other States which banned Okada did not target the Igbos. I can’t even believe he prides “his people” for having this kind of employment and source of livelihood. Something is wrong with this man.


The other issue Clement harped on concerns the “deportation” of 70 or so Igbo persons of Anambra State from Lagos. I am perplexed and too angered to even analyse the brain content of this man who claims to be a lawyer on this issue. I am quite sure he is not siezed of the facts nor evidence leading to the act he claims and complains about all he has done is jump to the bandwagon of the euphoria of the hue and cry. He ought to know that deportation is only posibble Inter countries, no citizen can be said to be deported if he moves from one part of his country to another. I will not even want to glorify this utter rubbish of a statement. Mr. Clement Udegbe has brandished legal redress as a panacea to this matter, please let him kindly take advantage of same. He will be totally disgraced and embarrassed when the facts and evidence are highlighted to his ignorance.


Clement should afford himself some level of civilization. He should turn away from the crass unprogressive stance of enthnic sentiments and bring himself to speed of those who are willing to fashion out Nigeria in a way that the legacy we bequeath our children will stand them shoulder high with their peers anywhere in the modern world of the 21st Centuray. Who cares where he comes from if all he wants is to gather “his people” together in a place to exhibit lawlessness, recklessness, banditory and all manner of despicable social ills. Just becuase a person is of Igbo stalk, he can open his stalls on the canal, dump all manner of waste in the sewage and carry out business in a manner that it endangers other citizens. I think Mr. Idegbe owes BRF an apology, he should thank his stars someone like me is not saddled with the Governance of Lagos State, I will make things even more stridient as long as I am enforcing the law of the land, I will prosecute to the full extent ot the law those who violate the laws of Lagos State, be it Igbo, Efik, Kanuri, Yoruba, I really dont give didilly-squat. I stand firm on the resolve to

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