Petition Drive For Release of Laurent Gbagbo - ICC: Free Gbagbo For Justice & Peace

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – We, Global citizens, Democrats and activists of human rights, African patriots, men and women of all countries, Justice and peace lovers - Recalling that Mr. Laurent Gbagbo was arrested at his Official Residence of Head of State of Côte d' Ivoire on April, 11 2011 in the outcome of an intervention by French forces following an election whose controversial results have raised an unresolved dispute – Recalling also that in order to resolve this dispute Mr. Gbagbo had asked in vain for a recount in accordance with international practice followed in recent years, including in the United States of America in the contentious Bush-Gore in 2000, the elections in Afghanistan and Haiti, both supervised by the United Nations as it was the case in Côte d' Ivoire, but with results found to be false after the recount - Recalling further that Mr. Gbagbo was then, since November 2011, illegally transferred to the ICC where he is still detained. Considering that the presumption of guilt that led Mr. Gbagbo to the ICC is based only on the argument that….. Click to Read More & Sign Petition


By Youssouph Baro


*Photo CaptionLaurent Gbagbo arrested in his bunker by (rebels) forces loyal to his opponent (Alassane Ouattara) in the November 2010 presidential election that gave victory to Ouattar but refuted by Gbagbo. French troops and United Nations peacekeepers provided air and logistics support to Ouattar forces.

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