BreakingNews 6/9/13 - Eyesore at Indian Embassy and Nigeria's pathetic medical situation

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - On our flight from Owerri to Lagos aboard Aero Contractors on Thursday August 29th 2013, I noticed an old woman and her Children who eventually were the last people to leave the plane on arrival in Lagos. Coincidentally we ran into them again the next morning by 9am at the Indian Embassy at Walter Carrington, formerly Eleke Crescent. I apologized to the woman and her relatives for taking their pictures to post on Facebook but I have to do this to prove a point. That's why I made sure that their faces never appeared in order not to infringe on their rights. The woman is on her way for medical treatment in India. She was kept at the gate from before 9am till after 11.15am before she was allowed to enter the embassy for her visa. I entered the embassy before her and took the pictures by 11.15am when she was allowed access into the embassy. I left the embassy by almost 12 noon and hanged........ Read More




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