Gov Obi Checkmating Thieves To Pay People

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Some little things tend to be overlooked by many people but they are the things that really matter. Gov Peter Obi’s current visit to secondary schools across the state where he has been donating part payment of N10m may seem part of his job, but to those who have been around in Anambra State since the present civilian setting see what Obi is doing absolutely amazing.


After the civil war the government took over mission schools and the result was a monumental decay of morals, leading to the heinous crimes in vogue today. There’s no doubt that today’s armed robbers and kidnappers are offshoots of that takeover. Had the missions been allowed to keep their schools, for sure things would have been mighty good today.


Obi, ever the forward looking governor, saw this and made history as the first governor in Nigeria to fully return schools to their missionary owners. He didn’t stop there. He also dedicated millions yearly for their upkeep. Before then, he had been lavishing schools with facilities and amenities like buses, boreholes, computers, generating sets, etc.


On top of these he now is giving them N10m each to prosecute priority projects. This is only half of the total of N20m he promised. The striking thing here is that the money he is lavishing on schools is money he could have used in servicing the thieving political class who do not care if Anambra burns as long as their nests are feathered. Obi has largely ignored them and has had to endure their fight back which they have been doing by giving him a bad name.


When he was handing over schools to missions he announced the setting aside of a whopping N6b for the schools’ upkeep and significantly noted that only he knew he saved that money and thus could have decided to ‘eat’ it alone or to service the politicians. Indeed if Obi had given half that sum to politicians he would have been the most popular governor in Anambra’s history at the expense of the long suffering masses. But he chose to toe the ‘unpopular’ line of ignoring politicians to favour the public. This is why Obi has gained a legendary status as the governor who uses public money for public good.


Thus the joblessness of the politicians has created room for the public to gain. Obi’s gestures to schools are indeed investments for tomorrow because the students are tomorrow’s leaders.


Obi has also brought the fear of God into governance. He is one of the few governors that do not flirt; that go to church regularly, including morning masses. By his style Obi is making the Church partners in governance. He is a governor who truly loves his state and is making plans that will outlast his regime.


Despite bringing government presence in every town he still gives them palliative money every December for the tackling of priority projects and boosting of security.


Obi does all these because he wants his people to be happy. He goes about these things devoid of noise but the people who are benefitting are well aware of his sacrifices.


It is only God that will reward this man called Obi for his selfless service to humanity and we pray God to give us another Obi in 2014. God, please we beg you.


*Photo Caption – Governor Peter Obi

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