BreakingNews 23/9/13 - Ambulances Flood Anambra Government Lodge, Amawbia

 [ Masterweb Reports: Chidi Enyinna reports ] - Anambra State has started to take delivery of state-of-the-art ambulances for distribution to major health institutions in the State.


As I write, the ambulances are being delivered to the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia (see Picture).


Worthy of note is that earlier, Gov. Obi had bought over 70 ambulances for the hospitals and health institutions in the State. This was the first time the State was buying ambulances since it was created.


The recent ones being delivered are kitted with the State-of-the-art equipment as could be seen from the picture of the inside as attached.


Onye si na ihe dinma adiro ya nma, ya were nkita kute nmiri.


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*Photo Caption – The ambulances.

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