NewsReel-3 1/10/13: PDP-USA Wishes Nigerians Happy Independence Day

 [ Masterweb Reports ] –  The entire body of PDP USA hereby uses this opportunity to wish our Dear Country Nigeria a Happy Independence Day.  We thank all the members that came out to welcome our Nigerian President His Excellency, Goodluck Jonathan, his wife, Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan, the Chairman of our great party Hon. Dr. Bamanga Tukur, Her Excellency Hon. Sarah Jubril and all the delegates that came from Nigeria for the recently concluded United Nations Conference.  Our special thanks goes to the chairman of PDP-Nigeria Hon. Dr. Bamanga Tukur  for upholding the PDP-USA election conducted in Nashville Tennessee.  Our special gratitude goes to the members of the national working committee that came with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria during the recently concluded United Nations Conference. While we recognize and appreciate the presence of our Party Chairman Alh. Dr Bamanga Tukur during the President’s visit to the USA, we also appreciate his courage and boldness in walking out of a meeting that was organized by unruly and anti-party agents claiming to be PDP-USA executives. 


The current PDP-USA executives are looking into the organizers of the mischievous meeting and will bring the perpetrators to justice. Special thanks to the members of the new PDP executive led by Honorable Harold Molokwu whose intervention during the meeting prevented what could have been a catastrophic assault by unruly and anti-party elements parading themselves as PDP-USA members on our national Chairman.


 We the members of PDP-USA wanted to use this medium to call the attention of the Presidency, the Chairman of PDP Nigeria Alh. Bamanga Tukur, the acting secretary of PDP Nigeria, Charles Akitoye,  the chairman of the PDP Governors forum and the National Working Committee members of PDP-Nigeria of the breach of protocols and PDP Constitution by some members of PDP Nigeria, who having authorized the members of PDP USA to conduct an election, is conniving and granting audience to some anti-party agents who did not participate in the election as authorized by the PDP Secretariat and who are determined to bring PDP Nigeria to ridicule.


On this note, the current executives of PDP-USA hereby notifies the National working committee, the Presidency and Alhaji  Bamanga  Tukur that  the election that was conducted in the USA was under the Party’s directive. There was a mandate for the election and no letter of cancellation was received by this body either before or after the election.


The newly elected officers of PDP USA headed by  Hon.Dr Harold Molokwu, followed the party’s constitution, and the headquarters directive and mandate to conduct an election in the USA.  If there is any problem with the party headquarters in Nigeria regarding the election, it should be settled internally within the Nigerian PDP body and should not in any way affect the mandate given to the whole PDP-USA members to the current executive.


The current executives is working closely with the PDP Chairman in Nigeria, members of the National working committee and chairman of the PDP Governors forum   who have labeled this issue as a constitutional crises to  resolve this problem and uphold the integrity and belief in the rule of law by the Party’s stalwarts.  We are focused on moving the ideals of PDP Nigeria forward and encourage all members to work with the current executive to ensure landslide victory of PDP in the 2015 general election in Nigeria.


Happy Independence Day.


Hon Dr. Harod Molokwu

Chairman PDP-USA

October 1st, 2013.


*Photo Caption – Hon Dr. Harod Molokwu

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