NewsReel 8/10/13 - Dr. Agazie On Why Aren't Igbos Welcomed By Other Nigerians?

 [ Masterweb Reports ] -  “The ongoing debate is WHY AREN'T  THE IGBOS WELCOMED BY THEIR FELLOW NIGERIAN NEIGHBORS? Please click of the link below and read the Yoruba perspective.  The next essay on WHAT THE IGBOS DO TO HURT THEMSELVES.” The foregoing statement was made by  Dr. James Agazie online on October 6, this month and posted in several Igbo/Nigerian forums (fora).


Otoiheoma Egbe today made the following rejoinder to Dr. James Agazie’s media statement: “Why Ndi-Igbo are NOT welcomed by the rest of Nigerians is because NDI-Igbo are More Hardworking and More Intelligent than the Rest of Nigerians!!


“Naturally, once your mate Beats you hands down in all spheres of Life, the tendency is for the Beaten Competitor to become Both Jealous of you and Angry with you. Most of your detractors [Enemies] may Destroy You if they can; out of Envy and Jealousy.


Look around you, and you can find your so called Friends and or Relatives in this Mood of Anger and Jealousy over your Success!! Nevertheless, Regardless, continue to Share LOVE than Hatred with your detractors, for this is Godly!!”


*Photo Caption – Starving Biafran children. Nigeria imposed a complete naval blockade of Biafra (including shipment of food & medicine) during the civil war.  

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